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Carparison Leasing have reaffirmed their ambition to become a sustainable leasing broker by achieving Carbon Neutral Status for 2022.

In our efforts to become a green, eco-friendly business, Carparison have been working hard to better understand the CO2e emissions that we emit.

A third party has calculated and certified our CO2e emissions in accordance with Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG). This includes measuring elements such as the volume of paper we buy for our printers, the number of electronic devices we purchase and how many miles our employees commute to work.

Once the sums were done and the numbers were crunched, Carparison were given a total CO2e emissions figure, outlining how much we emit as a business. To offset that, Carparison has pledged to invest in three Carbon Offset Projects, handpicked by our staff.

The first is the Plastic Bank Project, which aims to protect our oceans by keeping plastic out of them. Currently operating in Haiti, Indonesia, and the Philippines, local residents can collect plastic from their environment and exchange it at their local Plastic Bank branch for money, fresh food, clean water, cellular service, cooking oil, or even school tuition for their children.

Our efforts to initially become Carbon Neutral will also see Carparison invest in new cooking facilities for women in Rwanda, as well as a Hydropower project that creates emission-free energy from the currents of DR Congo’s rivers in Africa.

Carparison's Climate Neutral Company

Or scan the QR code to discover more about the projects Carparison are investing in.

After officially securing our Carbon Neutral status, Carparison’s commitment towards sustainability will go above and beyond that of merely offsetting our calculated CO2e emissions. 

General Manager, Matt Woodward confirmed that plans for this are already in place, "This is just the beginning of our sustainable journey. We want to continue to identify what benefits we can offer to the local community and beyond.

“To finally become Carbon Neutral and to be investing in these incredible projects around the world is a big moment for the business, but the hard work will continue to become more sustainable.”

Carparison specialise in personal leasing and business contract hire offers. If you’re searching for your next car lease, get in contact with one of their leasing experts on 01395 542 742 or via [email protected].