As a trusted leasing broker, we rely on authorisation from and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Borrowing money can be a stressful business. But whether you’re applying for a mortgage, taking out credit cards, or leasing a car, you should expect to always receive professional guidance.

Any broker should aim to find the best available option for your circumstances.

And at Carparison we do just that, working with you to find the right deal at the right price. We will never place financial commission over your needs, and we’ll never lure you in with bait-and-switch car lease deals.

Treating customers fairly is at the heart of everything we do – which is why authorisation is so important to us.

But what is authorisation and what does it mean for you?

What is authorisation?

All credit brokers must be regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The FCA exists to make sure any company offering financial advice, issuing quotes, or accepting orders on finance products is legally regulated.

And that’s us!

As an appointed representative of Product Partnerships Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the FCA (FRN 626349), we are and continue to be fully compliant with this legal requirement.

But more than this, our team is made up of trained and experienced advisors who are fully committed to providing you with the best service on your customer journey.

Carparison and BVRLA accreditation

We don’t just take cues from the FCA. We look to the British Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association (BVRLA) too.

The BVRLA is the governing trading body for vehicle leasing in the UK. And they enforce strict standards of practise for leasing companies like us. We value their accreditation and have built their codes of conduct into our everyday practice.

This means:

·        We offer a high standard of service.

·        We provide accurate and transparent information to customers.

·        We abide by fair terms and conditions.

·        We use only accurate and clear advertising.

·        We obtain all required licences.

·        We have a proven track record of strong customer service.

·        We are GDPR compliant.

As the BVRLA set the universal pre-agreed standard for the condition of your vehicle on its return at the end of your lease, check out their Fair Wear and Tear Guide.

Carparison staff cheer for your leasing success

Expert advice you can trust

It’s important to us that you have confidence in our services and the products we offer. After all, if you’d trust a mortgage broker with your house you should be able to trust us with your lease.

We have a duty of care to treat you fairly and it’s something we take very seriously.

It’s one of the essential building blocks of our company culture and we embed it at every level.

How do we do this?

For starters, by ensuring that all our staff undertake the necessary training to provide you with competent financial advice (even those of us who don’t work in customer facing departments).

And by following the FCA’s guiding principles and the New Consumer Duty Act rules, we’re setting higher standards and helping you to make informed and effective financial decisions.

We’ll never recommend a product or service that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Whether it’s finding you your perfect car, or explaining what additional services might benefit you, we’re here to help you make the most of your lease.

Kirsty Fallon, our wonderful Customer Experience Supervisor, explains. 

“We’re here to empower customers and help them into the driving seat of their dream car.

It’s crucial to our success that this experience is paired with exceptional customer service. We’re relentlessly attentive to every customer’s needs, which is how it should be.

Online prices shouldn’t mean an inferior product or experience.

The best possible deal is one that includes the smoothest and most conscientious service for our customers.”

No matter if your interest is in personal car leasing or business car leasing, you should expect quality customer service and expert advice from us all the way from first enquiry to the return of your vehicle at the end of your term.

Want to see for yourself?

Carparison reviews are visible and available for everyone to see.

Honest customer feedback is one of the ways in which we continue to grow and improve as a business. We believe every one of our customers should have the opportunity to tell us what we can do better and we’re always striving to streamline and improve your experience.

And if you decide to take us up on one of our car leasing deals, you can be sure we’ll be following up to ask how we did.

We also know that where you spend your money can be a statement about what's important to you. And while purchasing decisions have to be governed by a great product and service, and a great price, it's important to trust that your choice of leasing broker is also committed to having a positive impact.

As well as being the first UK broker to publish their finance commission and the first to offer female-only automotive advice, we have been a carbon neutral business since 2021, are a proud long-term supporter of Brake and are currently ranked the UK's number 1 in Best Companies Automotive Companies to work for

And that's not all - see more about our partners and the causes we care about.

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