Brake the road safety charity
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Sarah Hunt

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Slowing down hazardous driving on our roads

Carparison celebrates becoming corporate donors of Brake the road safety charity.

While there are many wonderful things made possible by driving, the benefits do come with a huge responsibility. Every time we get behind the wheel we owe it to ourselves, our passengers, other road users and passers-by to drive safely, responsibly and within the law. 

However, the stats present a different story. There were an average of 468 casualties per day in 2017 with 5 of these being fatal. That equates to 1825 deaths as a result of road collisions in the UK each year. All of which are preventable.

This is something Brake is set on changing. As well as teaching road safety best practice in our schools and communities, they provide the resources for this crucial information to be disseminated far and wide. The charity also focuses in on fleet safety; providing specialist training for professionals using a vehicle for work. When you consider that between a quarter and a third of all road traffic collisions involve someone driving as a part of their job, it isn't hard to understand why educating employers and their teams is an important step to take.

As well as working on prevention, the crucial services Brake provide can be utilised by anyone who becomes victim to a road collision. They are the only charity in the UK to provide a victim helpline for those immediately involved in a crash or who is caring for someone involved in one. We sincerely hope you never need it, but the Brake team are there if you do.

Carparison are delighted to have become a corporate donor of Brake; supporting their vital work through an annual donation and in amplifying efforts to raise road safety awareness in their spirit.

Matt Woodward, Carparison's General Manager, says "The safety of road users is central to our ethos at Carparison. Alongside Brake's Modern Vehicles campaign, we want to be a part of the movement to make safer, greener vehicles more obtainable to the public. We continue to be impressed with the vital work achieved by Brake and value being able to contribute in a small way to ensuring that work continues."

Alice Cooper, Corporate Partnerships Officer at Brake says, "We are absolutely delighted to have Carparison as corporate donors of Brake. Their incredible generosity will help us continue our work to champion safe and healthy mobility for all, and support victims of road crashes."

The Carparison team are proud to be corporate donors of Brake and look forward to working alongside them to promote road safety and driving best practice both now and long into the future.