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Carparison secure top marks in Best Companies survey

Carparison are delighted to announce that they have received the highest possible commendation in the Best Companies survey, securing a three-star accreditation for employee satisfaction. 

The Best Companies survey is designed to measure the levels of engagement and happiness within a company’s workforce and Carparison has been voted as a three star division within a wider organisation.

The survey occurs every six months, with staff asked a variety of questions on elements like their work life, day-to-day environment and relationships with senior managers.

Based on their experiences in the workplace, staff score their feelings on a scale of ‘Strongly Disagree’ to ‘Strongly Agree’.

Best Companies work from an engagement criteria compiled of eight different categories, including:

  • Leadership – How employees feel about the head of the organisation, senior management and the organisation's values and principles
  • My manager - How employees feel about and communicate with their direct manager
  • My company - The level of engagement employees feel with their job and organisation
  • Personal growth - How employees feel about training and their future prospects
  • My team - Employees’ feeling towards their immediate colleagues and how well they work together
  • Wellbeing - How employees feel about stress, pressure at work and work-life balance
  • Fair deal - How happy employees are with pay and benefits
  • Give something back - The extent to which employees feel their organisation has a positive impact on society

Based on the staff answers, companies are then given a unique BCI score that can range from zero to 1000.

There are four levels of accreditation available and each reflects the levels of staff engagement within the workplace.

  • One to Watch (good levels of engagement) =  BCI Score of 600 or more
  • One Star (very good level of engagement) = BCI score of 659.5 or more
  • Two Stars (outstanding levels of engagement) = BCI score of 695.5 or more
  • Three Stars (world-class levels of engagement) = BCI score of 738 or more

Reacting to the news, Carparison general manager Matt Woodward said: “I have always felt extremely positive about our unique and rewarding company culture, but to hear this sentiment back from the whole Carparison team truly couldn’t mean more. We pride ourselves on being a positive, rewarding and fun place to work and that certainly is what I experience day-to-day in the office. 

“But to have this formally recognised is extremely important for all involved. Maintaining employee engagement sits firmly alongside ambitious business growth as firm priorities for all at Carparison for the next twelve months and beyond. So, to anyone considering a career move, I’d urge you to get in touch!”

The feedback provided by the Carparison staff is invaluable in the company's efforts to continue offering the best possible working environment. 

Richard Syree, head of HR at Carparison, said: “To achieve the highest level of accreditation offered by Best Companies is an incredible achievement for everyone within Carparison. The result is based solely on the feedback of our staff, all of whom provided extensive feedback on every facet of the business. 

“Coming from within, this recognition is all the more rewarding and is a credit to every single one of our wonderful teams. It is all the more valuable that this holds true even after the tumultuous 18 months we’ve all just endured.”

The three-star accreditation, which marks another proud moment for the company, speaks volumes of the levels of happiness and motivation within the Carparison team. 

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