Published 24/11/2023

Published 24/11/2023

For the third year in a row, Carparison have scooped the Best Marketing and Innovation Award at the Leasing Broker Federation Awards.

Held this year in the Phoenix Arts Club in the heart of London’s glittering West End, Carparison secured the win thanks to the innovation of the female-only sales line, rolled out earlier this year for a successful three-month trial.

In fact, the trial proved so successful that the scheme has been extended, with every customer who submits an enquiry form having the choice of selecting to speak to a female-identifying member of the sales team if it feels more comfortable for them.

Recognising the risk that it took for the business to launch the female-only contact option, the judges for this year’s award also commented on how aligned Carparison are to their customer base, with the recognition that the buyer demographic was skewed towards men, even if the car was for their female partner or relative.

Bethany Twigg, Content Marketing Specialist, comments: “Making car leasing a more inclusive space is important to us.

“The data that we have showed us that something was wrong. And data doesn’t lie. It was clear from our research that something needed to change, so we set out to do something about it. And the success that we’ve seen has proven that our hunch was right.

“The female-only sales line is the first step in inviting everyone to the party, and we’re proud to have been recognised for this crucial innovation.”

Winners of the 2023 Best Marketing and Innovation Award

But the female-only sales line was a team effort.

It was only with the backing of senior management, the hard work of the female members of sales, the support of the wider business, and the marketing and data team bringing it all together that the female-only sales line came to fruition.

Head of Marketing, Sarah Hunt says: “A huge thank you to the Leasing Broker Federation for recognising our female-only contact option for the 2023 Marketing and Innovation Award. It was a campaign that was years in the making, backed by oodles of data and the shared expertise of a brilliant team.

“While a marketing accolade that we take great pride in, it takes the whole business to make it happen. From board level, cascading through every level of the business, it wouldn’t have been possible, or a success, without that support. Nor a fair reflection of the business we represent.

“To have held this industry award for the third year in a row is testament to the talent within our teams and our continuing commitment and investment in driving change.

“We look forward to building on this success, continuing to listen to our customer needs and challenging the status quo where data screams it’s needed.”

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