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We asked our team to share the money-saving tips they’re using to save themselves cash during the cost-of-living crisis

Carparison are responding to the cost-of-living crisis by implementing several changes to ensure our customers have the support they need during these uncertain times. 

Our support doesn’t have to stop at supporting customers with their car lease concerns. With a nearly 50-strong workforce, our team share the same anxious feelings as we head into the winter months.

With everyday necessities becoming more expensive and energy prices rising, there are small changes we can make every day to help our money work harder, so we asked our team, what are you doing to save money? 

Fuel comparison apps

Sarah, Marketing

The fluctuation in the price of fuel over recent months has been dominating the news. Make sure you’re getting the best price by comparing the difference in costs at your local stations.

PetrolPrices is a fantastic app that scans your local area to rank the most affordable petrol prices. Your nearest garage might not be the cheapest and that same supermarket could offer lower prices just a few miles down the road. 

PetrolPrices is free to download on iOS and Android and you only need to input your postcode! 

Petrol station

Air fryers & food reward vouchers

Fiona, Accounting

If you have one available, consider using either an air fryer, slow cooker, or pressure cooker to save both time and money. It can also create helpful opportunities to batch-cook lunches for work or dinners to freeze.

Many fast food companies or supermarkets also have introductory offers for free food when you complete simple tasks like downloading their app or signing up to their newsletter. Take advantage of these when you’re craving a sweet treat.

Sign up to food waste apps

Chris B, In Life Care Team

Consider setting yourself up on Olio, where you can do a weekly food collection from your local Tesco, which you then advertise on the app to give away but can keep 10% of what you collect.

This resolves Tesco’s food waste as all products are either on their best before or approaching it, so would otherwise be chucked.

Bank account offers

Ryan, Marketing

Several high street banks offer enticing rewards if you switch to them from your current bank account provider.

The rewards can vary between cashback when shopping online, or they can give you as much as £175 just for choosing them.

Monthly stipulations can apply, but often you don't have to do anything. They'll take care of the paperwork, and you can enjoy the free cash!

Utilise public facilities

Chris T, In Life Care Team

Public facilities like gyms and swimming pools will offer free showering facilities as part of their monthly membership.

If you’re fitting in a morning workout before you go to work, showering on site after rather than doing so at home is an easy way to cut down on your water usage.

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