If you’re after a small car that’ll navigate city driving with ease, then give one of these a go.

City driving.

No one enjoys it. Especially when there’s bumper to bumper traffic, or you’re surrounded by one-way streets, or someone stole the last parking space from under your nose and you’re forced to do the infinite circle around the car park once again… 

There are many things to dislike about city car driving.

But while you can’t control the traffic or the weather, you can make city driving easier by choosing your car carefully. If you’re mainly a city driver, with occasional forays up and down the motorway, it’s worth looking at leasing a car that’ll suit narrow streets, stop-start driving and tiny parking spaces – and all without costing you the earth.

We’ve picked out nine (plus a special extra) of our favourite cars to drive in the city. The only question is, which one are you going to choose?

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10

If the aim of the game is to be King of the City Traffic, then the Hyundai i10 is the car for you.

With its light steering, teeny turning circle and compact stature, you’ll be zipping about town with no issues. Narrow lanes? People parked too close to each other? 

You’ll be laughing in your tiny i10 as you dash down the streets and pull into any and every space with ease.

And yet if you need to leave the city behind you and head out on a quest further afield, the Hyundai i10 will also pose no issues on longer motorway journeys. With the flexibility of five doors and space for at least four adults in the cabin, it’s the best of both worlds.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

You simply cannot write a post about compact city cars without mentioning iconic retro fave, the Fiat 500.

A staple on our roads for decades, this minute car has gone through several alterations in its time as it keeps up with the crowd. And its enduring popularity really goes to show that the 500 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The newest variant of the Fiat 500 is only available in fully electric guise, making it even more economical and efficient if you’re looking for an urban runaround. But fear not: the older model is still available in hybrid guise, if you’re not ready or able to make the EV switch.

However, with an impressive range of up to 200 miles with the larger 42kWh battery, the Fiat 500 makes a compelling option for a city EV that can go the distance, without costing you the earth.

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

One of the cheapest cars on our roads, the Kia Picanto is one of the best city cars money can buy.

Or lease.

The latest Picanto ticks all of the right boxes. 

It’s easy to drive, comes with plenty of standard kit, is Tardis-esque on the inside, and has a solid build quality to it, despite the affordable price tag. 

And with the words ‘cost of living crisis’ ringing in our ears, sometimes you just need a small car that can get you from A to B economically and efficiently.

Suzuki Ignis

Suzuki Ignis

If you’re a fan of the SUV look but not the SUV size, something like the Suzuki Ignis is worth putting on your car leasing wishlist.

You’ve even got the option of four-wheel drive with the Ignis, should you want to take your city car out of its natural habitat and wang it down some muddier paths. Not what everyone wants, perhaps, but certainly a fun option.

Its boxy look means that the interior is surprisingly spacious, and there’s plenty of standard kit on offer, with even the base spec Ignis coming equipped with DAB audio and Bluetooth.

For a tiny car that can do it all, the Suzuki Ignis is worth some consideration.

Honda e

Honda e

One of the quirkiest cars currently gracing our roads, the Honda e is another minute EV with big aspirations.

It might not have the same range as the Fiat 500, but its small size and claimed range of 137 miles makes it the perfect city car. And it’s a lot of fun.

The lounge-style interior is fashionable and comfortable, and the twin screen dominating the dash are packed with all of the latest tech. Where many city cars go down the affordable and economical route, Honda are catering for those with a bit more cash to splash on something a bit more exciting.

Sure, it won’t be doing Lands End to John O’ Groats any time soon.

But for a fun urban runaround, you can’t go far wrong.

Peugeot 208

Peugeot 208

If there’s one thing French car makers do very well, it’s stylish small cars. And the Peugeot 208 is an extremely stylish small car.

While it might not technically be classed as a city car (it’s a supermini), it’s still small enough to make it an excellent option if you do need that little bit of extra space. If you’ve got a slightly larger family but you still need a car that can handle tight streets and small spaces, then a Peugeot 208 lease is worth looking at. 

And Peugeot have made it very easy for you to decide which one is right.

With a choice between four trim levels (Active Premium, Allure Premium, GT and GT Premium), one diesel or three petrol engines, you won’t be stuck for hours trawling through brochures, comparing and contrasting the different variants.

If space and style are top of your list, this is the car for you.



Another supermini, this is an excellent budget offering from MG.

But you’ll be pleased to read that the MG3 doesn’t look like a budget offering. It’s still stylish, with a spacious cabin and plenty of tech as standard, including an 8-inch touchscreen, rear parking sensors and Apple CarPlay.

It also ranks well on the insurance front, falling into groups 4-8. 

If you’re after a new car mainly for city driving, but you’re watching the pennies, then the MG3 is worth putting on your list.

MINI Electric

MINI Electric

If you live in or near a city, and have access to easy charging, then it really is worth considering an electric car lease.

And the MINI Electric is a compelling option.

Much like the electric Fiat 500, it takes the retro look we all know and love and updates it for the 21st Century, making it an efficient and economical option. With the right tariff and an at home charger, it can make running an electric car much cheaper than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

And you’ll be able to avoid congestion charges.

With a claimed range of 145 miles, the MINI Electric really is only good for city driving. But if you need a small EV for city driving, you might as well go for one that looks good, and has all the tech you could possibly need.

Dacia Sandero

Dacia Sandero

Need a decent sized car for not a lot of money? Take a gander at the Dacia Sandero.

Again, it’s not classed as a city car, but it is very good at city driving. 

The latest version of the Sandero sits on the same platform as the Renault Clio and Nissan Juke, but has some clever tweaks that makes its price tag a much nicer figure to look at.

Small enough to not be a pain when there’s only one space in the car park left and the two next to it are massive SUVs, but big enough to alleviate any arguments about elbow space in the back, it’s an excellent car for a small family.

If you’re not fussed about the car itself, but you just want something reliable to get you there and back again, the Sandero is well worth looking at.

Citroen Ami

Special mention: Citroen Ami

We couldn’t write a post about the best cars for city driving without dropping in an honourable mention for the Citroen Ami.

Not perhaps what you might picture a car to be, but more of an exciting bike/umbrella/moped combination, the Citroen Ami really is built for niche city driving. With a claimed range of 47 miles and a top speed of 28 miles, it’s not going to get you far in a hurry.

But if the alternative is walking to your destination in a downpour, then the Ami does look quite attractive.

Able to seat two, if you live in a city and need a car that can get you to the office and back again (or the shops, or the park, or insert one destination of your choice here), and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a real car, then the Ami is actually worth looking at.

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