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Unexpected bills can be a thing of the past with car lease maintenance

One of the most unnerving aspects of running a car is that dreaded moment when it goes in for its service or MOT. 

Part of the attraction of leasing a brand new car is undoubtedly their increased reliability. But they are still not immune to the regulatory care schedules that require annual services and MOT checks (after three years). They are also no less susceptible to tyre degradation or damage nor the wear and tear of items like windscreen wipers and batteries. That's where a maintenance package for your car lease comes in.

Carparison offer all car lease deals with optional maintenance packages to put you at ease throughout the entirety of your lease term. Making nervous waits for servicing and repair bills a thing of the past.

What is a maintenance package?

A maintenance package allows you to cover the cost of servicing and maintenance within your monthly lease cost. No matter the real-life cost of the applicable work your car requires over the lease term, your fees will not change.

The cost of a maintenance package is variable depending on your model of choice and your mileage. Much in the same way as your actual lease, you'll pay an initial payment and subsequent monthly payments based on your chosen term and profile. These will be amalgamated together into one lease payment - covering your lease vehicle and maintenance costs in one go. 

We can facilitate maintenance packages from the funder of your lease car or our chosen industry partner. This allows us to drive down the price and offer comparative products to our customers. What is included in your package can change depending on your chosen provider, so please review these details with your leasing consultant. 

Maintenance packages are not exclusively for new customers either. You can add one to your lease at any time, subject to additional charges. 


maintenance package

Why choose a maintenance package?

Running a car can be expensive and it's during their service or MOT where the costs really start to add up.

Depending on whether it's a full or interim, services in the UK can easily surpass the £150 mark. Meanwhile, it's estimated that an average MOT costs between £40-£50 before repairs.

According to the Express, via Money Advice Service, the average price of an MOT rises to £143 after repairs.  

It can often be the smaller perishable items that bump up your total spend. The average cost of a new bulb is roughly £5 while replacing items like windscreen wipers could cost up to £30 a time. Before you know it, those unexpected costs can result in one hefty bill.

A study from Kwik Fit claimed that on average it can cost £162 a month to run and maintain a car – not including any payments towards outstanding finance. 

Servicing and MOT, as well as other cosmetics, accounted for at least £40 of that, which shows how a monthly fee can help save you money.

Let's talk about tyres

Depending on your term and annual mileage, you are likely to need to replace your tyres during your lease period. 

The AA suggests that front tyres should last at least 20,000 miles under normal driving conditions and 40,000 for rear ones on front-wheel-drive cars.

Tyre prices can range hugely but you should expect to pay between £50 - £100 per tyre including fitting. Whether your tyres need changing one at a time or all at once, this can significantly increase your unavoidable running costs.

Punctures are frustrating and unpredictable but these can also be included within your maintenance package along with general wear and tear. 

The AA list tyre damage as one of the top 10 most common faults with cars, so with tyre replacement and repair covered for your lease car, this is one less thing for you to worry about. 

Expert care and genuine parts

When you finance a car, you are obliged to have any maintenance completed at main dealers or those approved for using genuine manufacturer parts. Without this, you could forfeit your warranty. Or worse, be subject to additional fees in line with the worsened depreciation of your vehicle. The improved quality of parts and workmanship at approved dealers guarantees the quality of your vehicle but does, of course, come at an additional cost.

With a maintenance package, this is no concern. You still have to have the work completed at an approved workshop, but you've already covered the cost!

The added, and often unknown, value of a maintenance package is that it can reduce your monthly lease payment. The funder knows you are guaranteed to look after the vehicle and the depreciation values tilt in your favour as a result. So, while you may see the additional maintenance fee as an added cost, do also check how this impacts the total cost of your car lease to calculate the true value. 

Car lease maintenance costs

Prices are based on your lease agreement and can start from as little as £25 a month (model dependent). For your convenience, the payment can run in conjunction with your monthly rental. The maintenance package covers your servicing, MOT and routine wear and tear items.

Adding in the maintenance package to your car lease deal offers complete peace of mind on top of your manufacturer warranty, knowing that your future costs have already been dealt with affordably.

A full list of the services included within the maintenance package is as followed;

  • All manufacturer’s scheduled servicing
  • Perishable items due to fair wear and tear (including batteries, exhausts, wiper blades, cam belts)
  • Comprehensive breakdown cover and roadside assistance cover (dependent on finance provider)
  • MOT tests (if applicable)
  • Tyre repair or replacement (dependent on finance provider)
  • Complimentary wash and vacuum (dependent on finance provider)

How do I get a quote for a maintenance package?

All of our applicable car lease deals are displayed with a price for maintenance on the offer detail page. You will find this price at the bottom of the 'Customise your lease' section. The prices shown here are supplied by our trusted third party but your sales consultant will review all applicable maintenance offerings upon enquiry too. This ensures you get the best rate possible, and you could see the price come down from that displayed online. 

If you enquire online, you will be prompted to select if you are interested in a maintenance package within your enquiry form. If you select yes, our team will then quote you for maintenance alongside your chosen lease deal. There is absolutely no obligation to accept the maintenance package and it can be removed from your quote at any time. If you call in, simply mention you would like a maintenance package quote and your consultant will happily supply this.

If you have already taken delivery of  your lease vehicle, you can still add a maintenance package. It will depend on the elapsed term of your lease and you will need to cover all missed payments. Speak to your sales consultant who will confirm your options. 

As inclusions do change between providers, remember to check that your maintenance package includes all of the cover you require.

Car lease maintenance packages

A maintenance package offers convenience, easy budgeting and peace of mind.

By adding the cost into your monthly rental, you no longer have to deal with any large, unexpected upfront costs in one hit. Spreading the cost over your lease term is a hugely valuable commodity within itself, meaning you can just sit back and enjoy your new car.

Enquire today to save money and enjoy a stress-free driving experience, thanks to Carparison’s car lease maintenance packages. Call 01395 200 333 or get in contact with our team.