2024 Tesla Model 3 facelift
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Not content with changing the EV landscape once - Tesla are determined to raise the bar again with the Tesla Model 3 2024 facelift

Tesla’s most affordable EV is set to become even better, with the 2024 model featuring a distinctive new look, additional mileage and some lovely interior details.

With deliveries starting from January, it’s not long before you can get your mitts on the latest iteration - dubbed the Tesla Model 3 Highland - of Tesla’s iconic electric car. The original Model 3 launched in the UK back in 2019, and redefined what an electric car could be.

It brought affordable electric driving to the mass market, making a Tesla lease an exciting option.

There were rivals, but there weren’t many who could rival the Tesla for the range and the price, especially with the premium feel and additional tech that the American manufacturer crams into every car. 

Having not really changed from the early glory days, Tesla have finally given the Model 3 a good overhaul, bringing it bang up-to-date without changing what made it so good in the first place. Using customer feedback, Tesla have mainly made improvements around refinement and comfort. 

2024 Tesla Model 3 driving

Tesla themselves describe the upgrades as building on what Model 3 drivers loved, and ‘delivering great range and efficiency with sports-car performance and handling at an accessible price point.’

And by all accounts, they’ve delivered.

The exterior upgrade is the most notable one. Gone are the slightly froggy, Porsche-esque headlights. In its place is a sleeker, more powerful looking nose with a reshaped and slimmer bumper. 

There are additional styling tweaks at the back too, with new C-shaped lights and ‘Tesla’ spelled out across the boot, instead of the badge that currently sits pride of place. 

The updated Model 3’s cabin looks much the same as the outgoing model, but with plenty of soft-touch finishings now that not only give it a plusher feel, but help to absorb some of the road noise. 

You can even personalise the panel on top of the dashboard, giving it a different colour or fabric for a slightly different feel.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior

In other interior news, the cupholders have been given sliding lids, there’s a strip of ambient lighting on top of the dashboard and along the upper sections of the doors, and the driver’s controls have been ever-so-slightly rearranged.

It’s good news for sticky summer thighs: the front seats are now ventilated as well as heated, which will make summer heatwaves much more bearable. The back seats are heated too, and rear seat passengers get their own 8in touchscreen to adjust the ventilation, heated seats and media system.

But potentially the best change comes in terms of range.

The Tesla Model 3 was one of the first to offer a generous range in an affordable package, and while there are now many rivals muscling in on their slice of the pie, Tesla aren’t about to let the crown slip so easily.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior details

Battery capacity remains the same, but the styling tweaks and improved efficiency have increased the range. The RWD model, on the standard 18in wheels, now has a claimed range of up to 344 miles (up from 305 miles), while the Long Range is expected to cover around 421 miles on a single charge (up from 374). 

The increased range and reduced price make a 2024 Tesla Model 3 lease a very, very enticing prospect indeed.

And although orders for the newer model aren’t available quite yet, you can still get your hands on the current iteration for a great price, with the help of Carparison’s competitive Tesla Model 3 lease offers. 

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