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The P11D value of your car is an important value to know. That’s because it quantifies the value of your car in the eyes of HMRC.

It is a figure intrinsically linked to the Company Car Tax we owe on our vehicles.

A car’s P11D value is often confused with the commonly known P11D form. Although they share a name, they are entirely separate: the form is used by employers to report expenses or benefits provided to employees at the end of each tax year.

Here we answer common questions surrounding car P11D values and what it means for your tax bills.

How to calculate P11D

The P11D value is the list price of a vehicle plus delivery charges at the time of registration. This figure excludes any discounts and does not consider first registration fees or annual road tax.

P11D does include factory options and chargeable trims or paints.

All P11D values are inclusive of VAT.

Prior to vehicle registration, P11D values will be indicative only. P11D values will be susceptible to and list price changes from the manufacturer even where this doesn't affect what you are paying for the car. The P11D quoted online and at time of order is indicative only and therefore not contractual.

What is the P11D value of my car?

To calculate the P11D value of your car, you’ll need to add the list price and applicable delivery charges at the time of registration.

If you aren’t aware of these figures for your car, you’ll need to request them from the supplier of your vehicle.

How to find the list price of my vehicle for P11D

Here at Carparison, you will see the indicative P11D value of each of our cars in the Deal Overview section of each lease deal. It will also be listed on your quote and order forms.

If you didn’t lease your car through us, the supplying dealership should have the figure to hand for you.

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How does P11D differ to the on the road price?

A P11D value differs to a car’s on the road price (OTR). An OTR includes all the costs required to get the car on the road. This includes the list price, registration and delivery fees, first year road tax and things like number plate printing. A vehicles OTR will therefore be greater than its P11D value.

Why is P11D important?

If you’re a company car driver, or are hoping to be one, the P11D value of your car will contribute to working out the Company Car Tax (BIK) you will owe. The P11D value is divided by the tax banding of the company car to provide a BIK amount. We talk about this more shortly.

P11D and Company Car Tax (BIK)

The most common use of a car’s P11D value is to calculate the annual BIK owed on company cars.

To calculate the BIK owed, you can multiply the P11D value by the tax band percentage applicable to the vehicle.

Tax banding percentages are based on vehicle emissions, with zero emission models owing the least. 

The calculation: P11d value / tax banding = annual BIK owed

Representative example  
ModelTax band percentageP11D value
Tesla Model Y Hatch Long Range AWD Automatic2%£54,935.00
BIK calculationAnnual BIK costMonthly BIK cost
£54,935.00 / 2%£1098.70£91.56

Please note all figures are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change.

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