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MG Motor UK MG5 Business Lease Deals

Interested in leasing an MG MG5? While not the most glamorous car on the market, the MG MG5 is a sensible, well-priced electric estate.

Being fully electric will keep the running costs lower than a traditional petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle, making the MG MG5 an even more affordable prospect. It is also qualifies for the lowest Benefit-in-Kind company car tax.

If you’re looking for a practical car with plenty of space, a solid mile range, and good equipment, the MG MG5 could be the perfect car for your next business lease.

Browse our latest business contract hire offers on the MG Motor UK MG5 and find an agreement that best suits you. If you’ve got any questions regarding a business lease on the MG MG5, get in touch with one of our leasing experts.


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