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Polestar Lease Deals
Personal Contract Hire

Starting life as Volvo's racing enterprise, Polestar burst onto the market back in 2017 and have been disrupting the EV game ever since. Along with motoring giant Geely, Polestar wants to say goodbye to the traditional motoring experience by creating a sustainable, hassle-free, and strikingly beautiful future for electric cars.

If you're looking to lease a high-performance EV, say 'hello!' to a Polestar personal lease with true driving enjoyment, unmistakably fresh aesthetics, and an impressive range. 

Offering a fantastic rival to the ever-popular Tesla, check out the Polestar 2. It's the first fully electric car to come out of the brand and - trust us on this one - it's incredible. If you're not ready to experience all-electric driving, check out the Polestar 1, the premium performance hybrid.


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