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Volkswagen Caddy California Personal Lease Deals

Wanting to lease the new Volkwagen Caddy California? The newest and smallest addition to the ever-popular California range, the Caddy California is perfect for a quick getaway.

With enough space for five adults, the Caddy California would suit surfers who love the convenience of having enough space for all their kit (plus an optional kitchenette for all those much needed cups of tea), or families who enjoy the spontaneity of deciding on a Friday evening to go camping for the weekend. Plus, of course, everyone in between.

The practical and compact nature of the Caddy California makes it a real contender in the small camper world, and an affordable monthly lease makes it an excellent prospect for your next vehicle.

Take a look at our latest personal contract hire offers on the Volkswagen Caddy California and find an agreement that best suits you.

If you’ve got any questions regarding a personal lease on the Volkswagen Caddy California, just get in touch with one of our leasing experts.

Caddy California
Caddy California

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