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You've been given the date of delivery of your new lease, but now what happens?

Here at Carparison we know how exciting - and daunting - the prospect of delivery day can be. To help you through the handover, we've pulled together all of our best advice to make the process as smooth as possible.

Carparison works hard to ensure that every step of the leasing process goes to plan, and delivery day is no different. However, it is still very important that you take the time when your lease car has been delivered to check it over and make sure you are completely happy before the delivery note is signed.

Pre-delivery: insurance and timeframes

Before the car arrives you need to make sure you have insurance in place. The insurance cover must be fully comprehensive and good to go before your new lease hits your driveway.

It's tricky to predict exactly when your lease car will show up on the day, and we are unable to offer specific time slots. However, the dealership will contact you to ensure all your details are correct, and the delivery driver should call you around an hour or so before their arrival.

The delivery: checking your lease car

When your new lease arrives at the address you've given, it's important to take the time to check the car over carefully and ask the driver any questions you may have.

Start the handover process by checking that the registration number matches with your paperwork, and that the specification of the car is exactly what you've ordered. Checking the engine size, fuel type and trim level is especially important at this stage. 

Once you are happy with the specification and registration, move on to checking the bodywork and interior. We suggest you focus on the following areas:

  1. Body
    Check the outside for any dents, scratches, dinks, or other imperfections, and make sure the moving parts all operate as they should - including boots and doors.
  2. Windscreen
    Check for any cracks or chips, and don't forget the side windows!
  3. Alloy wheels
    Inspect all four wheels, making sure there are no scuffs or kerb damage.
  4. Car interior
    Take your time and make sure to check the interior thoroughly for any marks or scuffs. This includes checking for rips in the seats, that the gearstick is fine, all light fittings are stable, and everything is generally as it should be.
  5. Extras
    Check that the locking wheel nut(s), handbook and service book, and tyre repair kit (if required) are all inside the car, as well as any optional extras you may have chosen.

It's important at this stage that if you notice any damage on the car, or if anything is missing or not working as it should be, that you inform the delivery driver straight away and mark the damage on the delivery note. We also advise that you take photographs of the damage where possible.

Every car is fully valeted before setting off. Be aware that although the driver will endeavour to stop off somewhere close to your delivery address and jet-wash the car, this is not always possible and so your new lease car may arrive with some road dirt from the journey. If you are unable to fully inspect the car due to dirt and debris, please make sure this is noted on your delivery paperwork. 

You have the right to take your time during this process to make sure you are happy with the condition of the car. 

Winter deliveries

Heavy rain and winds may make it harder for you to fully inspect the car, so it's important to note this on the delivery paperwork and snap a few pictures. The more evidence you have, the more we're able to help you. We still recommend braving the deluge and checking the car as thoroughly as you can, and marking anything you spot on the delivery note.

Adverse weather conditions like snow, ice, and storms may also affect delivery times (though sledging is definitely still on the cards), but we'll keep you updated every step of the way.

Finishing touches: delivery mileage and note

Your car will be new, but it will arrive with mileage on the clock. This is known as 'delivery mileage', will be marked on the delivery note, and will not count towards your agreed mileage agreement.

The final stage of the delivery process is signing the delivery note.

Please ensure any damage is clearly recorded on the note - after you have signed it, Carparison and the dealer cannot be held responsible for any further damage you may spot. It's important that you are completely satisfied that your car has been checked thoroughly and all imperfections have been recorded. When you're happy, you can go ahead and sign the delivery note to accept the car. 

Once all the paperwork is done and dusted, all that's left is taking your new lease car for a spin!

Any questions? Ask our experts! 

If you're still brimming with questions, head on over to the Ask Our Experts page. It's a place where you can send in any questions you may still have about the delivery, and receive a response from our expert panel. They'd be more than happy to help you out.

To find out more about our delivery procedures, check out our FAQ