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Do you have an electric lease car?

If you’ve taken out an electric car lease and want to take your family for a day out but are worried about your car’s range, there are plenty of attractions around the UK that offer electric car charging points.

Say goodbye to electric car range anxiety.

With more and more public charging points rapidly being installed around the UK, there are now more EV charging stations than there are petrol stations. A lot of businesses are also investing in charging points for their car parks too.

It’s always a good idea to check with the place you’re planning to visit if their charging points are working. There’s also the possibility that the charging points could be occupied when you arrive so make sure you plan ahead for your visit.

If it’s a bit of a trek, look for charging points on the way or nearby your destination and plan where you’re going to stop. There are lots of charging point apps you can download to help you with this.

Whether you’ve taken out a Mercedes-Benz EQC lease or a Tesla Model Y lease, we have found 6 places around the UK where you can enjoy a day out while your parked electric car charges!

Tesla Model Y

Chester Zoo

A Tiger

If you love animals and fancy a trip to the zoo, you can fill your electric car up with the family and enjoy a day out at Chester Zoo.

Chester Zoo has the ambition to be a sustainable zoo and with an impressive 13 dual electric car charging points in their car park, there’s no denying that they’re on the way to achieving that. They have voiced that by charging your car at their zoo, they’ll be able to invest in even more EV charger points in the future.

All 26 of the charging bays have a Type 2 universal socket and up-to-date costs can be found on the Pod Point app. You can also see live availability of the chargers on the app to give you peace of mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Chester Zoo now!

The Wave, Bristol

Young boy surfing at The Wave

Ready for the ultimate surfing experience? The Wave is the first inland-surfing destination where people of all ages and abilities can experience surfing. You can surf, take lessons, eat, drink and there are lots of activities your little ones can take part in too!

Do you know what’s even better? 

You can do all that while your electric car charges in the car park. The Wave currently have two dual electric car charging points in their car park and have plans to install another two, meaning there will be eight charging bays in total in the future.

The two charging points each have Type 2 universal sockets and are expected to deliver 20-30 miles per hour of charging. The charging points are free to use, and once they’ve installed the other two charging points, they hope it will deliver between 58,000 and 87,000 emission-free miles annually.

Parking is free but to manage capacity on the site, you are required to pre-book your place.

The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth

Donkey in a grass field

If you’ve got a thing for cute mules and donkeys, The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth has rescue donkeys in all shapes and sizes.

You can take a walk around all the shelters, visit the miniature donkeys, look in on the barn and check out who’s keeping in the shade. If you get hungry, stop off at The Kitchen and enjoy some good local grub. There are also plenty of picnic areas if you wish to soak in the country views.

You can tootle on to The Donkey Sanctuary in your electric car too. There are two EV charging points in the car park that are free to use. They both have Type 2 universal sockets and are available on a first come, first served basis.

You’ll need to request a free one-hour token from the Visitor Centre. During busy periods, they ask that you move your car once it’s fully recharged to allow for other visitors to use the chargers too.

Penbryn Beach, Wales

Family of surfers

While your car charges, take in the glorious views at Penbryn Beach, one of the loveliest golden beaches on Wales’ West coast. Surrounded by flower-covered dunes and majestic cliffs, Penbryn is managed by the National Trust and is popular for surfing, kayaking or just being a quiet spot to relax.

In the National Trust car park, about 400 metres from the beach, there is one charging point with a Type 2 universal socket opposite the café, so you can charge your electric car while you go for a swim or a stroll. The charger is free to use, but the National Trust do charge a small parking fee.

If you enjoy visiting National Trust sites, they have charging points at a number of their locations; perfect if you want to explore more of the countryside and charge your car when stopped.

Thorpe Park


Feel the need for speed? Visit the thrilling theme park that is Thorpe Park. With an incredible selection of rides and attractions, a visit to Thorpe Park would be a fantastic fun-filled day out for the family.

The park has four electric car charging points available, all fitted with Type 2 universal sockets. The chargers are free to use but you’ll have to pay for a parking ticket.

There are also additional charging points nearby if you find the four at the park occupied and are worried about the drive home.

RHS Garden Bridgewater

Meadow of red flowers

If you’re into your gardening, like walking around gardens, woodlands and meadows, the RHS Garden Bridgewater is worth a visit.

There’s always a tour, an exhibition or a course going on, so you’ll have something to do whatever the time of year. There are also two cafes where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and a tasty treat when you start to feel peckish.

Don’t stress about bringing your electric car, there are three dual charging stations available in the car park, each with Type 2 universal sockets. So, you can easily charge your car no matter the model, just bring your charging cable.

Car parking is free but note that the charging stations are supplied and managed by EV Charge Online, so it is advised that you create an account on their website ahead of your visit in order to use the chargers. They cost 30p/kWh to use.

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