Best electric car lease deals
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The best electric car lease deals in May 2024

Electric car leasing is an affordable way to get behind the wheel of a brand-new EV. You’ll be doing your bit for the planet, and your wallet, with zero-emission driving and reduced running costs.

And with a wide variety of competitive electric lease deals across all the biggest brands (and the smallest!), from Tesla to Polestar to Fisker to BYD and beyond, you’re sure to find the right deal for your lifestyle and your budget.

With the ability to tinker your terms to suit you, it couldn’t be easier to drive away in your dream electric car lease.

It’s especially good news if you’re hankering after an electric car business lease. Not only do EVs fall into the lowest Benefit in Kind tax brackets, saving you a lot of cash compared to their petrol or diesel counterparts, but they’re often cheaper to run.

It’s a win all around.

You can even save £30 off the price of a new electric home charger, thanks to our partnership with British Gas. It couldn’t be easier to make the switch to electric driving.

*All electric ranges are based on available WLTP combined figures. Images for illustration purposes only, actual specification may vary

Tesla Model Y lease deals

Tesla Model Y
Delivery in 4 weeks

The Tesla Model Y has been a regular sight on UK roads for a good couple of years now – and with such good prices available across the range, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

And for very good reason.

Featuring a distinctive ‘bubble’ roof and sleek lines, the Model Y is deceivingly large. With an 854L boot, plus additional front trunk (or ‘frunk’), and enough space in the cabin to seat five tall adults, a Tesla Model Y lease is supremely practical.

With a claimed range of 283 miles on the RWD trim, 331 miles on the Long Range and 319 miles on the Performance variant, it’s the perfect option for your next electric car lease.

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MG4 EV lease deals

Delivery in 4 weeks

The MG4 EV is an accomplished and affordable hatchback with some delightful styling details.

Though it’s built to stand out, MG hasn’t scrimped on the performance for style. Opt for the slightly-more-expensive-but-still-very-affordable Trophy Long Range with its 64kWh battery, and you'll benefit from a claimed 281 miles of range and quick charging times of 80% in 35 minutes with a rapid charger.

Plenty of time to nosy around the shops or have a cuppa and a slice of cake, but not so long that you’ll be left twiddling your thumbs. And best of all, it’s excellent value for money.

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Genesis GV60 lease deals

Genesis GV60
Delivery in 4 weeks

Genesis – the luxury branch of the Hyundai Motor Company – launched in the UK in 2021, and has been making waves ever since.

The Genesis GV60 is the brand’s first electric vehicle.

And it’s very good for a first go – if you’re after something a little luxe and a little different to the usual electric fare, the GV60 brings a fresh look and a lot of innovative tech to the table.

Its striking looks make it stand out from the (increasingly crowded) crowd, the 321-mile claimed range on the Premium trim competes with some of the best EVs on the market, and its futuristic cabin is spacious, comfortable and good fun to be in.

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GWM ORA 03 lease deals

Delivery in 4 weeks

Formerly known as the ORA Funky Cat, the ORA 03 might have been renamed (and taken away our ability to make all the cat puns), but it’s still the same cool car with the same quirky detailing.

Longer than the MINI Electric but shorter than the VW ID.3, the ORA 03 slots effortlessly into the ranks of the good compact EVs that have been gracing our roads for some time. The entry-level Pure+ model with the 48kWh battery offers a claimed range of 193 miles, which should be more than enough for most urban commutes.

And indeed, some rural ones.

With a spacious interior, generous boot and plenty of tech, the ORA 03 is an excellent choice if you’re after something that stands out.

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BYD ATTO 3 lease deals

Delivery in 4 weeks

If you’ve ever wanted to drive the definition of business on the outside, party on the inside, then the brand-new BYD ATTO 3 will be right up your street.

While the exterior is sleek and stylish, the interior is full of nifty little gadgets and fun added extras. Not only are the door pockets built to look like a guitar (complete with playable strings), but the touchscreen infotainment system that dominates the dash can be flipped from portrait to landscape, depending on your preference.

But it’s not just fun.

The ATTO 3 has a respectable claimed range of 260 miles, and the mid-tier Comfort spec includes everything you could ever need, from the 12.8in infotainment screen to the panoramic sunroof.

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Kia EV6 lease deals

Kia EV6
Delivery in 4 weeks

The styling of Kia's EV6 might be polarising but the attitude and level of tech on offer is nothing short of brilliant.

It’s spacious enough for day-to-day family life, with a generous boot and plenty of space in the back for three adults (plus their knees), without losing out on the premium feel or fun exterior design. The infotainment system is clear and easy to use, and the cabin is dotted with plenty of clever storage for everyone’s odds and ends.

And with a claimed range of up to 316 miles, it’s a flexible and versatile car, just as good for the work commute as it is running off on a family holiday.

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Volvo EX30 lease deals

Volvo EX30
Delivery in 4 weeks

Volvo have nailed the perfect SUV formula in recent years, proving with the XC range that it could do small, medium and large SUV very well. Some of the finest SUVs to hit our roads, in fact, which is no easy feat when every manufacturer is gunning for the increasingly popular market.

And now Volvo have turned their hand to creating dedicated electric SUVs, thanks in part to the company’s pledge to stop selling petrol and diesel cars after 2030.

The Volvo EX30 is one of the first. Not only fully electric, the EX30 is also Volvo’s smallest SUV and crammed with some of the most innovative tech on the market. And with a claimed range of 214 miles, the EX30 is one to keep in mind for your next compact SUV lease.

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Nissan Ariya lease deals

Nissan Ariya
Delivery in 4 weeks

The latest EV to come from the brand that put affordable electric driving on the map, the Nissan Ariya is an excellent choice for your next electric car lease.

It’s a big step forward from the old Nissan Leaf.

The Ariya comes with a CCS charger as standard, so you can take advantage of higher-powered public rapid chargers (including some Tesla Superchargers), and the claimed range clocks in at 250 miles for the smaller battery.

Size-wise, it’s about the same as the Tesla Model Y or the VW ID.4, which puts it in a good place if you’re looking for an electric family wagon. With plenty of space in the boot and enough room for five adults in the cabin, it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something a little different.

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Genesis GV70 lease deals

Genesis GV70
Delivery in 4 weeks

The second SUV to come from Genesis (the luxury offshoot of the Hyundai Motor Company), the Genesis GV70 brings a breath of fresh air to a crowded crossover market.

Built to rival the BMW X3, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLC (three of the biggest names in the game), the Genesis GV70’s striking looks – big shiny grille, narrow quad lights – make it stand out.

But it doesn’t just look good.

The cabin is spacious, the infotainment system forward-thinking and intuitive to use, it has a 283-mile range, and the boot is large enough to play luggage jenga without breaking a sweat. A Genesis lease is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something a little more upmarket.

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Volkswagen ID.3 lease deals

Volkswagen ID.3
Delivery in 4 weeks

If you’re looking to make the switch from petrol to electric, Volkswagen have made it very easy with the Volkswagen ID.3.

VW knows how to make hatchbacks.

The Volkswagen Golf is a market leader, and the VW ID.3 is already living up to its illustrious legacy with competitive pricing, stylish looks and a practical cabin.

It’s crammed full of the latest tech, and boasts a claimed mileage of up to 350 miles. For the car leading Volkswagen’s ID-badged electric charge, it’s doing an exceedingly good job.

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How does electric car leasing work?

Electric car leasing (also known as Personal or Business Contract Hire) is an easy way to drive your favourite car for an affordable monthly payment.

All you have to do is pick the terms of your contract – your annual mileage limit, how long you want to lease the car for, and how much you want to pay upfront – and you’re good to go. You’ll pay a fixed monthly fee for the duration of your contract, and when it’s over, you simply hand the car back to your funder and you’re free to move on to a new car.

It’s a hassle-free way to drive the latest cars, which – especially in the world of EVs, where new and exciting tech is being released yearly – means you’ll be able to stay up to date.

And you don’t have to worry about depreciation and losing tons of money when it comes to selling your car on. That’s all handled for you.

Sounds good, right?

Which electric car is right for me?

If you’re unsure on which EV is right for you, there’s a few things you can consider when deciding which electric car to lease.

Like any car, you want to make sure it’s suitable for your lifestyle. Most things – size and monthly cost – remain the same whether it’s fuelled by petrol, diesel, electricity, or pulled by an ox.

If you’ve got a big family, you’ll want a big car. Something like the Tesla Model Y or BYD ATTO 3. If you just need a little town runaround, you’ll want to look at something like the Fiat 500e or Volkswagen ID.3.

But, unlike with a combustion engine car, you’ll want to consider the range of the electric lease deal you’re looking at.

If you can recharge your car easily at home or at work, and you don’t often find yourself on long journeys up and down the country, you should be fine with most EVs. But if you do a lot of long motorway drives, you’ll want to go for something with a larger range to minimise the amount you’ll need to stop and recharge.

However, with electric ranges improving all the time, you’ll find that most EVs are suitable.

Best electric car lease deals this May

We've handpicked these electric vehicles based on their value and their individual merits. All of these electric cars are available on personal contract hire and business contract hire

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