Genesis GV70 Electrified Sport 2023
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Sophisticated and sustainable: Meet the luxurious electric SUV

Genesis are providing a worthy alternative to traditional German heavyweights as Hyundai’s premium offshoot weighs in on the luxury EV battle.

Prestigious SUVs have become ten a penny in recent years, in what is an increasingly competitive and in-demand sector.

However, in a new electrified era of luxurious, sustainable driving, Genesis are looking to steal the march on competitors with this stunning EV.

The GV70 Electrified is the greener alternative to Genesis’ combustion engine GV70 and is battling with the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model Y and BMW iX among others for a slice of the premium electric SUV pie.

We’ve been behind the wheel of this 360kW Sport model to see how it compares and whether you should consider it for your next electric car lease.

What did we drive?

Model: 360kW Sport 77.4kWh 5dr Auto AWD 

Transmission: Automatic

Power: Electric

Colour: Capri Blue

On the road price (OTR): from £64,405 (inc.VAT) or £53,670 (ex.VAT - business customers only) 

Price of model driven: £70,895 (inc.VAT) or £59,079 (ex.VAT - business customers only)

*Prices correct at the time of publication

Genesis GV70 Electrified rear


Prices for the Electrified GV70 start from £64,405* (inc.VAT) or £53,670 (ex.VAT - business customers only) but it is worth noting that as a package, it’s a car that is available with a whole host of optional extras that can soon ramp up that price.

Our model was fitted with the additional Innovation Pack, which for just over £3,500 can offer you a head-up display, 12.3” 3D display and quad LED headlights with intelligent front lighting.

Additional packs include perks like heated seats, massage seats, heated rear seats and vehicle to load capabilities.

With all these optional extras added, the OTR price of the model we were testing was £70,895 (inc.VAT) or £59,079 (ex.VAT - business customers only)

Rivals like the Tesla Model Y do come in with more affordable list prices, with even the Performance variant priced at £59,990 (inc.VAT) or £49,991 (ex.VAT - business customers only).

Should you prefer, a Genesis lease deal allows you to spread that cost into affordable monthly payments.

For just £850 per month (inc.VAT) or £708 (ex.VAT - business customers only) per month, you can drive away in a brand-new GV70 Electrified.

*All prices referenced correct at the time of publication and may be subject to change

Genesis GV70 Electrified charging port

Powertrain & batteries

The Genesis GV70 Electrified is only available with one battery pack, a 77.4kWh battery that promises a claimed range of 283 miles and delivers up to 490 horsepower from its dual-motor powertrain.

While you’re not spoilt for choice in terms of options, as a package it is certainly impressive. It is unclear at this stage whether Genesis plan to expand their offerings on this front.

When it comes to charging your GV70 Electrified, charging at home will take around 12 hours to go from zero to 100% if you're using a traditional 7.4kW wallbox charger. If you need a quicker top up, it can be charged at up to 350kW and this will see it go from 10 to 80% in 18 minutes.

One of the underrated aspects of the GV70 Electrified is having the charging port on the front grille. For me, this is one of the most undervalued design points of modern EVs.

Often manufacturers instinctively replace the petrol or diesel cap and put the charging port in the same place. The added convenience that comes with being able to drive straight into the charging station and charge is seriously unappreciated and I’m not sure why more don’t follow suit.

Add affordable electric car charging to your next lease deal

Genesis GV70 Electrified driving


Genesis have done a fantastic job of creating a drive that is so assured and smooth that it comes with very few complaints.

As we experienced in our Genesis GV60 review, it is a clear trait of the Genesis range. It handles the power output well, glides across the road beautifully and offers you that sense of luxury that you would expect from a vehicle of this size and stature.

Driving in what we would consider normal ‘everyday’ conditions is all about a sense of calm. To access the full 490PS that Genesis promise, you have to make use of the adeptly named ‘Boost’ button.

A feature that is becoming a common sight in modern day EVs, regular use of this button is not going to maximise your range.

Nor do you need to use it frequently – the regular power output is more than suitable for your regular trips around the city. You have the nippy instant torque to make it feel punchy and quick but not mind-blowingly difficult to control.

When you do access the boost button, it is quite something. We have many EV test drive reviews, but with the help of the boost button, the GV70 Electrified was the closest comparison to Tesla Performance models. It slings you back into your seat and boy do you feel the power.

The one pedal driving system is also supremely smooth and enhances that premium, relaxing driving sensation.

Design & interior

Our initial reaction to the GV70 Electrified was that it looked very familiar. It looks like it has taken elements of inspiration from the likes of Mercedes, Bentley, Audi and even a bit of Aston Martin of years gone by.

There is something a little comforting seeing a model from a manufacturer so fresh off the block that feels so familiar, though some might argue this could mean it is lacking character.

The large false front grille is striking and draws attention, complimented by sleek front and rear headlights, while the 19” alloy wheels provide a stunning level of detail.

Genesis GV70 Electrified Interior

However, it is the quality of the interior that steals the show. Everything feels plush and oh so comfortable. No corners have been cut and it is a cabin that lives up to its premium price tag.

We’ll leave you to make your final judgement, but what we can say is the GV70 Electrified is a very well-designed EV. It ticks every box when it comes to creating a refined and premium electric car.

Genesis GV70 Electrified boot space

Space & practicality

The GV70 Electrified is a very spacious EV and provides plenty of room for both driver and passengers.

Taller passengers above six foot will get by just fine with ample head and legroom in the rear seats, while the dual zone air conditioning adds another layer of luxury for your passengers. Throughout the cabin, comfort levels are supreme, so nobody will feel the strain on a long motorway journey in this luxurious EV.

The boot is as equally practical, with 503 litres of storage space in the back. There’s also handy underfloor storage to stow your cables out of sight. There is also an additional 22 litres of space in the front trunk that offers additional charger storage opportunities.

For a small cost, you can also add vehicle to load (V2L) functionality in both the interior and exterior to ensure you’re never without power on the move. This offers a 3.6kW charge to charge external devices, while an interior connection point allows you to charge small devices like laptops and tablets. 


The technology available in the GV70 Electrified lives up to expectations.

As you’re positioned behind the driver’s seat, everything is well laid out around you. You do sit noticeably a little further back away from the touchscreen.

It feels like this is Genesis’ way of funnelling drivers to use their BMW iDrive style rotary dial – and so you should. It works fantastically, is very responsive and easy to use on the move.

In operation, the system works well with no confusing sub-menus. You’ll be able to find exactly what you need in an instant, even when you’re driving. 

Genesis GV70 Electrified parked


The GV70 Electrified is yet to be tested under Euro NCAP conditions, but some useful insight can be taken from its combustion engine sibling, which achieved a full five stars.

While not confirmed yet, the same could be expected of the GV70 Electrified.

This will see it in a similar ballpark to rivals like the Tesla Model Y, BMW iX and the Jaguar I-Pace, who all scored five stars in their respective testing.

Although you do have to pay for some of the optional technology-based extras, the GV70 Electrified is full of safety features as standard, including; front & rear parking sensors, front & rear parking sensors, forward collision-avoidance assist and smart cruise control among others.

Genesis Electrified GV70 rear driving

Model lines & equipment

Currently, there is just the single Sport model line available for this electric variant of the GV70.

Compared to some of its rivals, you don’t get as much kit as standard on the electrified GV70, which could see some favour the German alternatives.

Some of the highlights are outlined below.

Sport – from £64,405 (inc.VAT) or £53,670 (ex.VAT - business customers only)

  • Dual Front LED Headlamps (Low & High Projection)
  • Outside Rear Mirrors Electrical Adjustment + Heated + Folding
  • Front Brake Ventilated DISC
  • Alloy Wheels 19 inch
  • EV Mood Lighting Film
  • Paddle Shifter (Lever Type)
  • Manual Headrest Adjustment (Driver & Passenger)
  • Electric Seat Adjustment (Driver & Passenger) (Driver Seat With Memory Function) & Walk-In Device
  • Electric Lumbar Support (Driver)
  • Electric Height Adjustment (Driver & Passenger)
  • SCC (Smart Cruise Control) with Stop & Start
  • HDA (Highway Driving Assist)
  • Rear BCA (Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist)
  • LKA (Lane Keeping Assist)
  • FCA (Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist) (Car/Pedestrian/Bicycle)
  • FCA-J (Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist - Junction Turning)
  • LFA (Lane Following Assist)
  • 14.5" Navi Screen + Dab Radio + Phone Mirroring + Genesis Connected
  • 8" Dashboard Cluster TFT Display
  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors with Button
  • RVM (Rear View Camera) with Dynamic Guidelines on Screen
  • Smart Key & Button Start
  • Front Air Condition with Dual Zone Adjustment
  • Boost Mode
  • 400 V / 800 V Dual Charging Technology
  • eTerrain Mode
  • i-Pedal & Smart Regenerative Braking
Genesis GV70 Electrified front grille


Genesis are making a splash in the EV sector and following on from the hugely successful launch of the GV60, they now have several compelling electric options.

The quality of the GV70 Electrified is undeniable with a lavish and premium cabin that you won’t tire of enjoying.

The GV70 Electrified is on the pricier side, with Genesis putting an extra emphasis on optional packs rather than a generous standard kit list, but once you’re up and running, the excellence is clear to see.

German heavyweights like Audi and Mercedes might be tried and tested, but Genesis are one of the new kids on the block and look like they’re here to stay. 

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