Mercedes-Benz A-Class Review
Ryan Darby

Ryan Darby

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Revered as a hatchback, adored as a saloon, what makes the Mercedes A-Class so popular?

Few manufacturers do premium as well as Mercedes. The A-Class Saloon offers a fantastic blend of style and sporty underpinnings in a class that is hugely competitive.

Competing with the likes of the Audi A3 Saloon, BMW 3 Series Saloon or even the Jaguar XE, coming out on top against such stiff opposition is not going to be easy.

In this latest Carparison review, we’re spending time in the Mercedes-Benz A 200d AMG Line Saloon, telling you everything you need to know about its performance, engine options, practicality, comfort levels and more.


Prices for Sport level trims start from just over £26,000, while A-Class prices can rise to over £34,000 for various AMG Line editions. 

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A real feather in the cap of the Mercedes A-Class lineup is the wide range of trim levels available. 

Even at entry level, Sport models come with a generous amount of kit as standard, while the range becomes sportier as you progress, making them fantastic value for money. 

A-Class Saloon on rocky road

Engine Options

There is a great range of engines to choose from throughout the A-Class lineup, with petrol, diesel and hybrid variants available. 

Depending on your model of choice, you can also pick between six-speed manual, seven-speed and eight-speed automatic transmissions. 

AMG variants offer more power for those that want it, meanwhile those looking for efficiency could opt for the A 250e. This includes a 75kW electric motor, allowing for up to 45 miles of pure electric driving. 

A full breakdown of the engines and the available models are as followed: 

A 180d - 116hp (Available with Sport, Sport Executive Edition, AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition & AMG Line Premium Plus Edition)

A 200d - 150hp (Available with Sport, Sport Executive Edition, AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition & AMG Line Premium Plus Edition)

A 180 -136hp (Available with Sport, Sport Executive Edition, AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition & AMG Line Premium Plus Edition)

A 200 - 163hp (Available with Sport, Sport Executive Edition, AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition & AMG Line Premium Plus Edition)

A 250e - 160hp & 102hp electric motor (Available with AMG Line Edition, AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition & AMG Line Premium Plus Edition)

A 250 - 224hp (Available with AMG Line Executive Edition, AMG Line Premium Edition & AMG Line Premium Plus Edition)

A-Class Saloon side profile


We're very fortunate that we have the opportunity to test drive a wide range of cars here at Carparison. However, this Mercedes A-Class saloon provided us with some of the most fun from a test drive that we've had in a while.

From the moment you get behind the wheel, the Mercedes quality shines through and you're met with a beautifully responsive and agile drive.

Unfortunately, we were driving on a rather wet and rainy day, so it wasn’t exactly optimal conditions. However, I'm confident that in better conditions, you could really drive this car. That's not to say that the A-Class doesn't excel in the wet, we can assure you it handles excellently and no matter the weather, is easy to drive.

Because the steering is so nimble and responsive, the car gives you the confidence to really throw it into corners. It's a similar sensation to what you experience in rival manufacturers like BMW and it's that sureness behind the wheel that sets these top manufacturers apart. 

Regardless of the driving mode you select (Individual, Eco, Comfort or Sport), the A-Class Saloon provides suitable power and a seriously quiet cabin. Place it into Sport mode and you get an endearing hum from the engine, but otherwise, it's an impressively quiet place to be.

A-Class Saloon AMG Line Grille

Design & Interior

From the front, our A-Class looks very athletic. The iconic styling cues that we have come to expect on other Mercedes cars is present even on this small saloon, with an eye-catching front grille and detailing that further enhances the sporty features of the car.

As you take in the car’s profile from different angles, you get a sense of the premium nature of the design. Even with the sporty touches, it also looks effortlessly elegant and sophisticated, even more so if you opt for the Digital White Metallic paint that we had.

The cabin is a very relaxing and welcoming place to be - exactly what you would expect of a Mercedes. There's a beautiful mix of high-quality finishes and materials that make the A-Class feel incredibly premium.

With beautiful and intricate red stitching that runs throughout the cabin and the upholstery, the A-Class feels very luxurious. 

For the most part, there doesn't appear to be any corners cut in the quality of the build. Everything from the steering wheel to the paddle gear shifters feel expensive. Gearshift paddles come as standard on both Sport and Sport Executive Edition trims, while the rest of the A-Class lineup get galvanised gearshift paddles. 

A-Class AMG Line Interior


When you take out a Mercedes-Benz lease, you expect a certain level of technology and the A-Class Saloon doesn't disappoint.

The driver’s display was easy to use, looked incredibly modern and thanks to an almost laser-like effect on the dials, looked beautifully crisp.

Our A-Class had the smaller 7-inch touchscreen and we would recommend upgrading to the bigger 10.25-inch touchscreen (Standard from AMG Line Premium Edition) if you want to make the most of its capabilities. 

You also have the potential to create a widescreen display that resembles what you might see in a Mercedes E-Class. The screens transition effortlessly to create a driver-focused cabin and really enhance the overall experience behind the wheel.

Housed in a black hub, it looked a little small because of the sheer amount of material around it. However, it was very responsive, easy to operate and generally intuitive.

You get a nice satisfying click and we found it very easy to use on the move, meaning you don’t have to take your eyes off the road all that much if you do need to use it. This is a different take on BMW's iDrive controller, though personal preference will come down to whether you prefer the rotary dial of the BMW or the touchpad in the MB. 

With USB C points in the front and the rear, as well as a 12V socket in the centre console, there are suitable amounts of connectivity in the A-Class saloon as well. Smartphone Integration - including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto come as standard from Sport Executive Edition trims and onwards.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of leasing a Mercedes is the access to the MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system, which remains as good as ever. It helps you connect with the car, remembering your frequent journeys or your favourite radio stations through artificial intelligence. It enhances the connection you, as the driver, share with the car.

A-Class Screens

Space and Practicality

We were impressed by the general levels of space and practicality throughout the A-Class cabin.

Up front, there are competitive door bins and a good-sized glovebox, while there is also ample space for your phone and keys within the centre console.

Everything is very comfortable and well within reach, making it a very practical space and the same can be said for the rear.

The backbench is reclined ever so slightly, so adults travelling in the rear do miss out on some leg support. However, both leg and headroom are generous, so taller passengers will manage in the back of the A-Class just fine.

However, we probably wouldn't recommend travelling three wide in the back for longer journeys, as the middle seat is firm and the sizeable centre tunnel will leave you intruding into the outer passengers' foot space.

If you’re planning to travel as a family in the A-Class, there’s a competitive amount of storage in the back with nets and good door bins. When it comes to boot space, depending on the trim level you choose, you can have up to 405L of space in the A-Class Saloon, or 1210L if you fold the rear seats down.

Hybrid variants of the A-Class do lose some space in the rear, but it is marginal at 345L.

A-Class Saloon seats

Model Lines and Equipment

Sport - from £26,195

  • 17" alloy wheels
  • Chrome weather strip
  • LED High Performance headlamps
  • Thermotronic luxury automatic climate control
  • Multifunction sports steering wheel in leather

Sport Executive Edition - from £28,795

In addition to/replacement of Sport

  • 18" alloy wheels
  • Parking package
  • Privacy glass
  • 10.25" touchscreen media display
  • Mirror package
  • Smartphone integration

AMG Line Edition - from £34,575

In addition to/replacement of Sport Executive Edition

  • 18" AMG alloy wheels
  • AMG bodystyling
  • Edition badging
  • Exclusive diamond radiator grille
  • Night package
  • Ambient lighting
  • Sports seats
  • Three-spoke multifunction sport steering wheel

AMG Line Executive Edition- from £29,195

In addition to/replacement of AMG Line Edition

  • Parking package
  • 10.25inch touchscreen media display
  • Mirror package
  • Smartphone integration

AMG Line Premium Edition - from £30,695

In addition to/replacement of AMG Line Executive Edition

  • Keyless entry
  • 10.25" digital instrument cluster
  • Ambient lighting
  • Front door sills illuminated with changeable cover and Mercedes-Benz lettering
  • MBUX augmented reality
  • Mercedes-Benz advanced sound system
  • Rear armrest with two cup holders

AMG Line Premium Plus Edition - from £32,195

  • Multibeam LED headlamps with Adaptive Highbeam Assist
  • Panoramic glass sunroof
  • Electrically-adjustable front memory seats with lumbar support
  • Traffic Sign Assist

*Prices and model lines correct at the time of publication

Man stood next to A-Class Saloon


There were no real complaints during our time with the Mercedes A-Class. It would have been lovely to drive it in better weather, but we still enjoyed an effortless drive with supreme handling and impressive power. 

It ticks every box and performs well across the board. It’s comfortable, spacious and practical. It does all of that without veering too far away from the sporty underpinnings that made the A-Class range so popular.

The combination of fantastic tech, a rewarding drive and striking good looks ensure the A-Class saloon makes a real statement.

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