Enjoy the summer heat with these eye-catching convertibles

Windswept hair. Long country roads. The idea of driving a convertible on a summer’s evening resonates with every driver. 

For many, getting behind the wheel of a convertible is a bucket list moment and the recent hot weather has us dreaming of those beautiful sunset drives.

Gone are the days of a convertible car not being attainable for the everyday driver. Whatever your budget, we have some fantastic lease deals. 

Whether it is a MINI Convertible or an Audi TT Roadster, we are confident we can find the perfect deal for you. 

With summer approaching, we’ve handpicked our best car lease deals that can help you create lasting memories on those unforgettable road trips.

Fiat 500C parked in country

Fiat 500C

As convertibles go, few come as charming or quirky as the Fiat 500C. Enjoy the easy-to-drive nature of the Fiat 500 with the additional luxury of a retractable roof.

Unlike many other convertibles, the 500c maintains the same body as its hard-top roof alternative, with an easy-to-use fabric roof that retracts progressively. This can be done at speeds of up to 37mph and before you know it, you have a brilliant convertible city car.  

The 500C also comes with 185L of boot space, which sees it beat rivals like the MINI Convertible for day-to-day practicality. 

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Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet drving in sun

Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet

If you’re searching for a touch of luxury from your next Mercedes lease, then the C-Class Cabriolet should be near the top of your list.

You enjoy the same classy interior that you see throughout the rest of the C-Class range. While space in the rear is hindered somewhat by the retractable roof, two passengers in the back will find themselves with more than enough room to travel in style.

Being a Mercedes, you can take advantage of AMG Line upgrades to make the C-Class a truly sporty convertible. The roof itself can be retracted at speeds up to 37mph and it will be down in just over 18 seconds.

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Mini Convertible driving on road

Mini Convertible

Few convertibles look as at home in and around the city as the MINI Convertible. Maintaining that famous MINI styling, it looks both sleek and sporty. 

The cabin is well equipped with fantastic technology and some high-quality finishes. The overall feel of the MINI is further enhanced by the fully electric fabric roof that can be opened within 18 seconds.

Thanks to its low profile and punchy engine choices, the MINI Convertible offers an enjoyable drive that will compete with some of its sportier rivals. 

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MX-5 parked

Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 has long been viewed as not only one of the most popular convertibles, but also one of the best. 

Promising a pure driving thrill, the MX-5 has always been one of the go-to car leases for the drivers’ driver. 

With an instantly recognisable design, the MX-5 is incredibly sporty and thanks to some luxurious touches, you can make it feel as premium as some of its more expensive rivals. 

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BMW z4 driving by the beach


The BMW Z4 is a roadster that is packed with history. Based on the famous BMW 507, the Z4 is incredibly easy on the eye.

As we have come to expect from the German manufacturer, the interior available with the Z4 is full of great technology and high-quality finishes. Take out a BMW lease and you’ll enjoy a cabin that feels incredibly premium and has even drawn comparisons to what you see in a BMW 8 Series

The Z4 is at its best cruising along with the roof down (which takes just 10 seconds by the way) and the sounds are infectious, in what is a very enjoyable drive.

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Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet parked by harbour

Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

The Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet is certainly a curveball in the convertible class, because of, well…just look at it! Some will love it, meanwhile others will hate it and to be honest, we can’t quite make our mind up yet.

If you’re unsure what you want from your next VW lease deal, why not go for something that offers the best of both worlds? 

One of the many concerns aimed at convertibles is the lack of space and general levels of practicality, something the T-Roc Cabriolet laughs in the face of.

It has the space, body and comfort levels of an SUV, as well as the additional benefit of the soft-top roof, which can be lowered in around 10 seconds.

Without trying to be overly sporty, the T-Roc provides the opportunity to enjoy open-air driving in a sturdier and more reliable cabin.

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Audi TT Roadster driving on the coast

Audi TT Roadster

The Audi TT Roadster has been synonymous with this class and in its latest generation, the German manufacturer have produced something rather eye-catching.

As a result of a new-look front grille that you see on the latest models, the TT gives off some ‘mini Audi R8’ vibes. While there is potential to make the TT as sporty as you desire thanks to a wide range of trims.

There is a clear premium-feeling running throughout the TT. The interior design is simplistic and refined. Less certainly means more in this case, with the infotainment system built into the driver’s display.

To really make the most of the TT and your Audi lease deal, you’ll want to flip the three-layered roof down as soon as possible. It takes just 10 seconds to do so and it can be done at speeds up to 30mph. Select models also include an electric wind deflector, which will further enhance the quality feel of the TT Roadster.

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Car leasing is a cost-effective method of getting behind the wheel of a brand new car, with these fantastic convertibles available for a fraction of the price.

Some will argue that the act of driving has never felt as immersive as it does when you’re in a convertible. If you would like to experience that same thrill for yourself, please do get in contact with one of our leasing experts, who would be more than happy to help.

If you would like to learn more, browse our best personal convertible lease deals or business contract hire offers.

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