Check out Carparison’s pick of the best tunes to lift your mood and set the tone for spring

From The Cure to Fleetwood Mac to a bit of Harry Styles, our playlist is bound to get you in the mood!

In our opinion, winter gets a bad rep.

It can be a difficult time to get through as we long for the return of British Summer Time after months of de-icing the car on cold, dark mornings.

However, we think there’s a lot to love about this time of year!

From Valentine’s, to pancake day, to half-term (you know the kids are excited), you can find a lot of joy if you look for it.

We’ve assembled a Spotify playlist to keep you grooving and get you ready for spring. And look at that – the daffodils at the end of the garden are already coming out.

Looking for some good tunes for spring blooms?

Chloe Allen

Chloe Allen

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