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Fancy some private number plates?

New car registration numbers will soon be here but if you’re thinking about swapping your 22 plates for a more personal approach, you might be interested in these…

Personalised number plates – the ultimate status symbol or not to your taste? Whichever camp you fall into, there’s no denying that they’re big business. So big in fact, that some people will go above and beyond to secure a cherished plate.

Quite how far though might surprise you! Whilst the puerile among us (me) would place a higher value on a personalised number plate that spells out a rude word; the world’s best-selling plates are decidedly more sensible.

We discovered which plates sold for, frankly extortionate amounts of cash. Mostly for your amusement but for reference, if there’s anyone out there willing to splash out, I’m plumping for P00 FCE.

Take a look at these...

1.  '1'

The premier digit sold in 2008 for an absolutely astounding £7.25 million. The plate was snapped up in Abu Dhabi by one Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Khouri, who agreed to pay the princely sum because apparently, 1 is the best number.

Volkswagen graphic with '1' personalised number plate

2.  25 0

The UK’s most pricey plate to date now adorns a Ferrari 250SWB belonging to John Collins, who paid a not-too-shabby £518,000 for the privilege in 2014.

Tesla graphic with 25 0 personalised number plate

3.  F1

Probably the most obvious choice for petrol heads, the F1 plate sold for £440,000 to Bradford based enthusiast Afzal Khan in 2008. Which begs the question, what car did he attach it to? Because a rusty old Robin Reliant might not live up to the name…

Fiat 500 graphic with F1 personalised number plate

4.  S1

Originally the cherished plate of Sir John HA MacDonald, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland from 1888 to 1919, S1 was the first ever registration plate to be purchased in Scotland in 1903. In 2008, it was bought by an unknown buyer for a cool £404, 000.

Mercedes-Benz with S1 personalised number plate