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Picking the right colour may be more important than you think

Choosing the colour of your new car can be one of the most exciting elements of your car-leasing journey... And once you’ve chosen the specific model you would like, it is one of the biggest choices you have to make.

Depending on the manufacturer, you could have an endless choice of colours to choose from. It could be bright, dark or simply your favourite colour, but how important is the decision you make?

While it might feel like an inconsequential decision at the time, there are lots of key factors to consider when choosing the colour of your next car beyond just personal taste. We’ve taken a look at why car colour matters, some key facts and figures and some of the most popular car colour choices on the market right now.

Does car colour matter?

You may not realise it, but there are some important factors to consider when choosing the colour of your car. While picking a red car over a blue car may not make you a better driver, the choice you make at this stage could help you further down the line.

Cars are designed with visibility in mind, but that can change in certain environments, depending on their colour.

For example, a white car is not going to appear as visible is a snowy environment. Meanwhile, studies have shown grey cars are more likely to suffer damage in foggy weather.

Despite being a popular colour, red cars are often listed among the least safe options on the market. Not only can they merge with things like brake and traffic lights, but they are also less visible at night.

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Does a car’s colour affect its resale value?

By leasing your next car through us, you have the luxury of not having to worry about the potential of your car losing value over time. However, a car's colour can go some way to determining it's future value, both positively and negatively.

Stereotypically, dealerships are known to prefer neutral colours as they’re easier to sell due to high demand and higher supply.

The value of a car will ultimately depend on the model and the market it is trying to reach. You might think that a lime green Porsche 911 looks like the coolest car on the planet, but the market for that car in years to come might be a little too niche if you’re hoping for a quick sale.

That being said, the rarity factor can also work in your favour and add value to your car. If you can find the right buyer, that same lime green Porsche could become very valuable if there is less supply.

What does your car colour say about you?

We all have favourite colours, but what do they truly say about us? We may never have realised, but there is car colour psychology that can reveal a lot about your personality.

According to a study from, this is what your car colour says about you;

White – Drivers of white cars are perfectionists who enjoy the simple things in life. You’re modern and honest, boasting a sense of purity.  

Silver – You’re a business-minded driver, who works hard at their job. You’re practical but also sophisticated.

Black – Such is their popularity in the executive market, drivers of black cars are empowered and classy.

Red – People who drive a red car simply love life. You’re outgoing and are a bundle of energy to be around.

Blue – Driving a blue car can show that you’re a compassionate, caring and easy-going character.

Brown – You don’t want anything flashy, just a car that will get you from A to B and that’s all that matters.

Grey – You’re mature and appreciate tradition. You know there is an element of class that comes with driving a silver car.

Orange – You’re not afraid to be a little different and we like that. You know your car is different and you embrace it.

Green – Drivers of green cars may not keep up with the latest trends, but you don’t mind that. You’re confident in your choice and you embrace your colour.

Yellow – Yellow car drivers combine energy and intelligence. You’re a happy and bouncy kind of character.

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What car colour is the easiest to maintain?

Different car colours can have varying levels of demands when it comes to how difficult they can be to maintain. If you’re somebody who doesn’t mind whipping out the bucket and sponge every now and then, you may prefer darker coloured cars.

Blue cars and black cars will typically show more of the scuffs and bumps that may occur over time, meanwhile lighter colours do a better job of masking them. If you don’t want to be washing your car every weekend, we recommend that you opt for a silver or grey car colour.

Daniel Gardner, one of our leading supply dealers, explains why some car colours can react differently to elements like road dirt and scratches, "The best colours to hide dirt and light scratches would be your greys, silvers and similar mid-tone colours. This is mainly because most light road dirt is of a similar colour. White is not particularly fond of hiding dirt but does cover up minor scratches better than most colours because it reflects more light.

"Black and other dark colours would be the worst. They look great when they're clean but don't do a good job of hiding dirt, scratches or swirl marks, so they'll need to be regularly polished if you want to keep them in showroom condition."

What are the top-selling car colours at Carparison?

Black, white and grey cars were among the leading sellers for us during 2020. Nearly 30 per cent of the lease deals taken out with us last year were for black cars.

Black was the leading colour among many of our big names manufacturers, with the majority of our Mercedes lease drivers opting for black cars.

Narrowly missing out on top spot were white cars, who accounted for 28.1 per cent of sales. They were a particularly popular choice for those taking our either a Tesla lease or a Land Rover lease deal.

In third place, in what is a rather dominant top three is grey, who claimed 20.7 per cent of our sales last year.

Midfield runners included silver and blue cars, who made up for just over 10 per cent of all sales between them. Interestingly, blue was the second-most popular choice for drivers taking out a BMW lease deal with us.

Among the least popular options were red, green, yellow and orange cars. It was a particularly poor year for green cars and yellow cars, who respectively accounted for just 0.07 per cent of our sales last year.

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What will the car colour trends of 2021 be?

Wheel predict that beige, green, red and grey could be among the most popular car colours of 2021.

Green and red could be two to watch with interest – based on our figures at least – as this would represent a huge U-turn from what we witnessed in 2020. 

According to Wheel, colours will become brighter and bolder over the next 12 months as car owners look to project more happy feelings and positive energy after a difficult 2020.

What colour car is most likely to be involved in an accident?

Black cars have previously been named as the most likely to be involved in an accident. A study from Monash University found that black cars are 12 per cent more likely to have an accident compared to white cars.

It was stated by Monash University that the similarities between the dark car colours and elements like the road surface and nearby buildings could hinder visibility, even in daylight hours. 

White cars are deemed to be among the safest on the road. According to the same study, white, yellow and beige cars are the least likely to be involved in an accident. Food for thought when considering the colour of your next car lease.

What colour car is most likely to be stolen?

The AA has previously reported that there is no correlation between car colours and their theft levels, however, they do note that figures can often match up with the most popular car colours on the road at that time. In theory, common colours like black, white and silver may not stand out as much given their popularity.

If you would like to know more about our best car lease deals or business contract hire options, why not get in contact with a member of our team, who can help find your next lease car in the perfect colour for you.