What if your next car was decided by your Zodiac Sign?

Many things contribute to your choice of car.

You may need practicality for your family or your social escapades. You may need a car that conveys style, quality and authority. You may want nothing more than an easy, comfortable or reliable driving experience.

Or, you may want to inject a bit of colour and personality onto our roads by driving something that makes your heart sing.

Or, like me, you may want it ALL and will settle for nothing less.

(Who am I kidding? I drive a Vauxhall Corsa, and I LOVE it!)

But looking beyond practical demands and our own personal tastes, we're here to merge the once disjointed worlds of astrology and automotive.

Bringing you a motorscope, if you will.

It's good news if you've been wondering what car you should drive based on your Zodiac sign. Or if you want to see what car you're celestially predisposed to.

What car are you based on your Zodiac sign and personality? Read on to find out.

Should we stick to our day job of finding customers their perfect car lease based on their real-life requirements? We'll let you decide.

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21st March - 19th April

What car suits an Aries?

The perfect car for an Aries is the BYD ATTO 3.

Aries need something versatile that goes along with their ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ way of life.

You’re competitive, so need a car that’s constantly pushing the boundaries and out-performing its competitors. 

You also like being original, so choosing a brand with huge worldwide acumen but that is new to the UK is right up your street.

The BYD ATTO 3 is the car for you. Practical for day-to-day life, packed full of class-leading technology and exhilarating at the tinniest touch of the throttle.

It's trend-setting, it's dynamic and it's bold. Just like you, Aries.

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20th April - 20th May

What car suits a Taurus?

The perfect car for a Taurus is the Mercedes EQC.

Those of the Taurus sign want only the best. Beauty, opulence and sensuality are must-haves in every purchase.

You're happiest when on the move, so you also need a car that you're content to spend a lot of time in. Quality is non-negotiable. 

Luxury, comfort and style are assured with this sensational car. That's why the Mercedes EQC alone is worthy of satisfying the needs of any pleasure-seeking Taurus.

You live your life by 'the best or nothing' and you've finally met your automotive match.

MINI logo


21st May- 20th June

What car suits a Gemini?

The perfect car for a Gemini is the MINI hatch.

A Gemini needs a car that suits all aspects of their personality. Call it impulsive, indecisive or freedom-seeking, you need flexibility and to change direction at the drop of a hat.

You need a chameleon of a car that will keep surprising you and ensure that you won’t ever get bored. And can easily maneuvre out of a tight spot.

A car that enables you to live and love life to the fullest.

We think a MINI hatch is the car for you, Gemini.

If you’re feeling extra energetic, go for the Cooper S or John Cooper works to get the horsepower to match.

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21st June - 22nd July

What car suits a Cancer?

The perfect car for a Cancer is the Fiat 500.

Cancers are emotional beings and need a car that evokes an emotional response when driving it.

However, an unassuming Cancer avoids the outwardly flashy and extravagant. Instead, choosing to pursue lasting and dependable relationships.

It doesn't seek the adoration of all petrol-heads, but it does nurture lifelong fans.

With strong ancestral lines and incomparable nostalgic ties, the Fiat 500 calls to all Cancers.

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23rd July - 22nd August

What car suits a Leo?

The perfect car for a Leo is the Land Rover Discovery

You’re bold, courageous and you want to be noticed.

You’re a hard worker and your car needs to show this, whilst also shouting success, versatility and respect.

The Land Rover Discovery is a leader for a reason. It doesn’t believe in false modesty and neither do you.

Best in its class for all-terrain, towing and wading capacity, it was a car created to stay in the spotlight. Just like its driver.

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23rd August - 22nd September

What car suits a Virgo?

The perfect car for a Virgo is the Volvo XC90

You’re practical, you’re smart, and you’re sophisticated.

You never give less than 100% so you need a car that gets the job done without complaint.

Safe and reliable, something like the Volvo XC90 is the car for you. 

It's a car that won’t let you down and will take care of your demanding schedule with ease. 

The Volvo XC90 can also be enjoyed responsibly with a range of engines capable of zero emissions travel.

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23rd September - 22nd October

What car suits a Libra?

The perfect car for a Libra is the BMW 4 Series

Libras adore a life that looks good, and when you fall in love with something, you fall in love hard.

However, looks are not enough.

You need balance. So, you’re attracted to intelligence and need a car that offers technology and safety too.

We're sure you'd swipe right for a BMW 4 Series, Libra. And it would be sure to get your skin tingling from the offset.

Depending on your mood, you can take your pick of Coupe, Convertible or Gran Coupe.

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23rd October - 21st November

What car suits a Scorpio?

The perfect car for a Scorpio is the Jeep Wrangler.

You’re individual, you’re independent and you make a statement.

The perfect car for every Scorpio is the Jeep Wrangler.

Scorpios are natural leaders, commanding a room with their natural wit and warmth. The Wrangler definitely makes its presence known on the road.

It’s completely customisable, so can be as unique as you are. Dodging your inherent hatred of imitation and creating the mystery you crave.

There’s one thing for sure, adventure is guaranteed in the Wrangler. Ready to set off, Scorpio?

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22nd November - 21st December

What car suits a Sagittarius?

The perfect car for a Sagittarius is the Ford Fiesta

You're constantly curious, a free-spirit and always have an eye on your next road-trip.

You're after a little car, but with big spirit.

What better car for you that one that has proven itself as Britain’s best-selling car year after year?

It’s trustworthy, smart and capable. The Ford Fiesta is understated but with a lot to offer.

Volkswagen logo


22nd December - 19th January

What car suits a Capricorn?

The perfect car for a Capricorn is the VW Golf

Capricorns want a car that’s practical, smart and neat. 

It'll need to match their work-ethic and favour dependability and discipline as much as they do.

Fear not. You can be completely in control of a VW Golf, Capricorn.

With many compact car awards to its name, and often up there among Britain's top buys, its popular for a reason.

This is a responsible car for a responsible owner.

Tesla logo


January 20th - 18th February

What car suits an Aquarius?

The perfect car for an Aquarius is the Tesla Model Y

If you’re an Aquarius you’re not one to follow the crowd. You savour innovation and thrive when you're ahead of the game.

You value human connection but work best in your own company. So need a car with plenty of space for passengers, but that centres around keeping the driver both thrilled and entertained.

We think the car for every Aquarius is the Tesla Model Y.

Fully electric, offering over-the-air software updates and an impressive range of nearly 300 miles on standard models (WLTP combined). It's a must-have for all big-thinking Aquarians.

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19th February - 20th March

What car suits a Pisces?

The perfect car for a Pisces is a Fisker Ocean.

Pisces’ have a reputation for being deeply emotional signs, with strong gut reactions and an active imagination.

You need a car that’s forward thinking, big-hearted and artistic.

We think the Fisker Ocean is the car for any Pisces.

Not just for its obvious aquatic inspiration, the Fisker Ocean will be sure to fuel your dreamy nature.

Car zodiac signs

Was your perfect car written in the stars?

From the competitive Aries, to the well-balanced Libra, to the imaginative Pisces. And everything in between.

Maybe channeling inspiration from your zodiac sign is the key to finding your perfect car, or maybe not.

While we can't add it into our handy online lease comparison algorithms, we do want to take the hassle out of the car leasing process.

So, if you still need help choosing your perfect car, we're here to help.

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