What if your next car was decided by your Zodiac Sign?

At Carparison we want to take the hassle out of the car leasing process. You might go in knowing exactly what car and spec you want, but you also might be going in asking "what is the right car for me"?

Now, if we were to take that question to the extreme, we might say this, "Tell us your Zodiac Sign" and we'll come up with the perfect car for you, based on your Zodiac personality. 

Now, this would be madness, we know that. But... we've decided to have a go anyway.

Carry on reading to find out the reasons behind your match!


21st March - 19th April


Mercedes-Benz E 63 4MATIC Estate

Aries need something versatile that goes along with their ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ way of life. You’re competitive, so need a car that’ constantly pushing the boundaries and out-performing its competitors. You also like being original, so the thought of ‘one man, one engine’ is right up your street. The Mercedes-Benz E 63 4MATIC Estate is the car for you. Practical for day to day life (as long as you don’t mind a frequent visit to a fuel station), and exhilarating at the tinniest touch of the throttle. You’ll be enjoying this beast day in, day out.


20th April - 20th May


Rolls Royce Dawn

Those of the Taurus sign are pleasure seekers who want only the best. Whilst they’d be more than happy with the Aries Mercedes-Benz, famous for its ‘The best or nothing’ attitude, a Taurus is looking for something even more out of the ordinary. Detail-orientated, your ambition knows no end, so it makes sense you set your sights high on the Rolls Royce Dawn Convertible, and go for an experience that it ‘beyond this world’.


21st May- 20th June


Mini Cooper

A Gemini needs a car that suits all aspects of their personality. You need a chameleon of a car that’s adaptive and energetic, something that will keep surprising you and ensures that you won’t ever get bored; a car that enables you to love life to the fullest extent. We think a Mini Cooper is the car for you. If you’re feeling extra energetic, go for the Cooper S or John Cooper works to get the horsepower to match.


21st June - 22nd July


Porsche 718 Boxter

Cancers are emotional beings and need a car that evokes an emotional response when you drive it. You’ve got places to be, and no time to sit around waiting, so you need a car that can get you there quickly. Once you’ve set your sight on something, you’re loyal to it. There’s only one brand for you, and that’s Porsche. As stated by the brand, life is too short for ‘what ifs’. Hugely customisable, you can be as creative as you want with the design. There’s one thing to be sure, once you’ve had your first drive, you won’t want to drive anything else.


23rd July - 22nd August


Land Rover Discovery

You’re bold, courageous and you want to be noticed. You’re a hard worker and your car needs to show this, whilst also shouting success, versatility and respect. The Land Rover Discovery is a leader for a reason, it doesn’t believe in false modesty and neither do you. Best in its class for all-terrain, towing and wading capacity, it has also got all of the flashy tech you’d want to be able to show off.


23rd August - 22nd September


Volvo XC90

You’re practical, you’re smart, and you’re sophisticated. You need a car that gets the job done without complaint. Safe and reliable, something like the Volvo XC90 is the car for you. This car won’t let you down, and can be enjoyed responsibly with a range of engines capable of Zero-Emissions travel.


23rd September - 22nd October


BMW 4 Series

Libras adore a life that looks good, and when you fall in love with something, you fall in love hard. However, looks are not enough. You’re attracted to intelligence and need a car that offers the technology and safety systems as well as the good looks. The BMW 4 Series is the car for you. Depending on your mood, and what’s practical for you at the time, you can take your pick of Coupe, Convertible or Gran Coupe.


23rd October - 21st November


Jeep Wrangler Sahara

You’re individual, you’re independent and you make a statement. The car for a Scorpio is the Jeep Wrangler Sahara. Scorpios have a reputation of being intimidating, and the Wrangler definitely makes its presence known on the road. It’s completely customisable, so can be made to look as unique as you want it to. There’s one thing for sure though, adventure opportunities in the Wrangler are endless.


22nd November - 21st December


Ford Fiesta

Little car, big spirit. Year after year the Ford Fiesta proves itself as Britain’s best-selling car. It’s trustworthy, smart, capable, and with the much needed technological advances of the latest model, finally as sophisticated as a Sagittarius would want it to be.


22nd December - 19th January


VW Golf
Capricorns’ want a car that’s as practical, smart and neat as they are. The VW Golf has all of the technology you’d want, as it’s easy and intuitive to use to boot. Second only to the Fiesta as Britain’s’ best-selling car, it was also awarded ‘Compact Car of the Year’ 2019 by Auto Express. You can be completely control of this car, especially if you try out gesture control. This is a responsible car for a responsible owner.


January 20th - 18th February

Kia Soul EV

If you’re an Aquarius you’re not one to follow the crowds, and want a car that’s unique as you are. You’re not fussed about labels, you just want something safe, individual and helps you get from A-B. The car for you just might be the Kia Soul EV. Incredibly economical and therefore cheap to run due to its all-electric power train, and you’ll be able to avoid the cost of entering city congestion zones – a definite bonus. You’ll just have to wait a while until the newest version in released to the UK market.


19th February - 20th March


Tesla Model S

Pisces’ have a reputation for being deeply emotional signs, with strong gut reactions and an active imagination. You need a car that’s forward thinking, powerful and comes from a brand that people love to love. We think the Tesla Model S is the car for you. You’ve got a strong sense of what’s right and what’s wrong, and Tesla are doing all of the right things in terms of technology, sustainability and design. Quiet, and incredibly strong, just like you.

Maybe you agree with our guesses, maybe you like one of the cars even though it's 'not suited to your personality' or maybe you have a completely different car in mind and our guesses are absolutely off. (Let's be honest, we'd probably agree with the last one)! Regardless of all that, if you would like to speak to one of the team about a car, we'd love to help - just get in touch.