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Tesla has dominated the world of electric cars thanks to their industry-leading range capabilities and advanced technology. However, the world of all things Tesla can be a daunting one for those looking to pick up their first electric lease car.

Tesla boasts a small but mighty range that includes the Model S, Model 3, Model X and most recently, the Model Y. However for someone new to the Tesla range, differentiating between the four isn’t always easy.

All four have devilishly good looks and the fact the model names are an anagram for the word ‘S3XY’ tells you exactly what Elon Musk thinks of the designs.

Tesla constantly updates their models, rather than simply releasing new cars year on year, so you can be forgiven for not always keeping up with the latest updates.

Unlike other car manufacturers, Tesla have only ever produced electric vehicles. Such has been Tesla's stranglehold on the world of electric cars, they have forced other manufacturers to up their game. Tesla have often been unrivalled, but in recent years we have seen the likes of the Audi e-tron, the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid and the Jaguar I-Pace come to the fore in what is now a very competitive market.

Whether you're looking for a personal contract hire or a Tesla business lease, there is a lot choose from. To help you in your hunt for a Tesla lease deal, we’ve taken a deep dive into each model and picked out some key features that could help you on your search.

Tesla Model S on the road

Tesla Model S

Let’s start with the Tesla Model S, the most powerful Tesla on the market. With 0-60mph times of sub-two seconds, it is seriously quick.

The Model S is available in Plaid, Plaid+ and Long Range variations and like all Tesla cars, it does a fantastic job of combining comfort, luxury and performance – a trend you will see continue throughout the entire range.

In the standard Plaid model, you get a claimed range of 390 miles, 412 in the Long Range edition, but go for the Plaid+ and you get an astonishing range of 520 miles – answering your question of which EV has the biggest range on the market. 

The Model S is a great contender if you need to cover long distances in style. In addition to that incredible mile range there is a beautiful interior. Storage space in the Model S is also very impressive, with 793L on offer. 

That is over 100 litres more than the Jaguar I-Pace that we reviewed recently and the Audi e-tron Estate. The figures are so commendable from Tesla that it is not always easy to find a direct rival that can match them for both practicality and performance.  

Current versions of the Model S are readily available, but those wanting to wait for the latest updated variant, you make need to be patient as they are not expected to be delivered until 2022.


The Model S, among other models, includes the newly updated 17-inch cinematic display which is powered by a whopping 10 teraflops of processing power. Tesla claim this will put it on par with most modern gaming consoles. Not to mention the second smaller screen for passengers in the rear! 

Drivers can also get their hands on the new U-shaped yoke steering wheel, which has been passed as legal for the UK market, despite initial concerns it wouldn’t be due to its unconventional design.

A recent study by Money stated that the Tesla Model S is the most desirable luxury car across the world and it is easy to see why. If you’re prioritising performance and range, but also have a family to entertain on those longer journeys, the Model S may just be the most complete electric car available. 

Pricing for the latest Model S begins at just shy of £84,000 for the Long Range model, while you can expect to pay upwards of £130,000 for the range-topping Plaid+. Leasing a Tesla is a fantastic way to lower the cost of such an incredible driving experience.

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Tesla Model 3 Peformance

There are three variants of the Tesla Model 3 to choose from; Standard Plus, Long Range Performance AWD and Long Range AWD. Depending on the spec you choose, you can enjoy a claimed range of up to 360 miles and top speeds of 162mph. 

If you’re searching for a Tesla but don’t need all the power you get from a Model S, the Model 3 is a great alternative. 

Depending on the variant, you can still get a very competitive mile range of up to 360 and 0-60mph times of just 3.1secs in the Long Range Performance AWD, thanks to the dual-action all-wheel-drive motors.

Model 3 drivers benefit from the lowered suspension that allows for improved traction and better handling. Tesla believe they have created an electric car capable of adapting to a change of conditions within just 10 milliseconds. 

They have done this through the added carbon fiber spoiler on the rear that improves stability when travelling at high speeds. Meanwhile, the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive system sends power to both the rear and the front of the car, allowing greater control and traction in different weather conditions. 

The Model 3 has a long list of safety features, including an Autopilot system that Tesla believe is twice as good as the average human driver. They also claim their glass roof can hold the equivalent of two fully-grown African elephants! Good luck trying to test that…

Tesla Model 3 Key features

If you’re looking for a Tesla Model 3 on business contract hire, the impressive mile range and Supercharge times will be invaluable. By its nature, the Model 3 is designed to be a more affordable route into the Tesla range, without losing out massively on the performance figures that come with more expensive alternatives like the Model S. 

The Model 3 can start from around £40,000 for a new Standard Plus model and range up to £60,000 for a new Long Range Performance variant. Choosing a Tesla as your next car lease is a great way to behind the wheel of a Model 3 at an affordable monthly price.

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Tesla Model X with rear doors up

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is the ultimate electric family car. The space on offer in the Model X is quite incredible, with room to house as many as seven seats if you wish.

The family perks don’t stop with the seats in the Model X, as you also get the brilliantly named Falcon Doors. The novelty of your Tesla opening like the Batmobile may wear off, but they will always allow for unrivalled accessibility. If you’re a family who needs to get multiple child seats in and out regularly, these doors will become your new best friend.

If space is a priority but you don’t need all seven seats, you’re in luck. Foldable seats allow for various adjustments in the rear of the Model X and what you lose in a couple of seats, you gain invaluable added luggage space.

Tesla has created a light and spacious interior thanks to what they’re describing as the world’s largest panoramic windscreen that lights up the cabin beautifully.

While it looks fantastic, the Model X performs too. According to Tesla, it is the most aerodynamic SUV on the market and has the lowest drag coefficient of any SUV. You also get a host of safety features as standard, including Automatic Emergency Braking.

Tesla Model X key features

For those looking for a Tesla Model X, prices start from £90,000 for the Long Range model and rise to £111,000 for the Plaid edition. Our Tesla leasing deals are a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a new car. 

If you would like to know more about our competitive Tesla Model X lease deals, please contact one of our leasing experts, who would be more than happy to help find the right deal for you. 

Tesla Model Y on the road

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y takes a lot of inspiration from the Model 3 and shares roughly 75 per cent of the same components.  

Although if you would like to get behind the wheel of either the Performance or the Long Range Model Y, well, you’re going to have to wait a little while. The Model Y is not expected to hit these shores until 2022. 

It may be worth the wait though, as according to AutoCar, Musk believes that this could be the best-selling Tesla model of them all. 

The Tesla Model Y is expected to be priced between £45,000-£50,000 when it does land in the United Kingdom, depending on the variant you choose.

If you think the Model X has too much size for you, the Model Y could be one to look out for in the months to come. It is Tesla’s answer to a small SUV and they’ve designed the Model Y to be functional, but also offer the same levels of performance that you get from a Model 3. 

Pitched in between the Model X and the Model 3, you get the power of the latter, but the Model Y offers more practicality thanks to the extra space and seating opportunities. 

The Model Y is another example of Tesla reacting well to the developing market of electric vehicles. Like some variants of the Model 3, it is deigned to be a more affordable route into economical driving.

With impressive storage space - 1869L when you fold the rear seats down - and performance figures that certainly don't look out of place alongside some of the best models in the Tesla range, it is no surprise that Musk has such high hopes for the Model Y.

Rival manufacturers are beginning to push Tesla for top-spot in the world of electric vehicles, especially after Audi confirmed the release of the new e-tron GT. In the Model S,3,X and now the Y, they have presented a wide range of vehicles to ensure that you can find a car to suit all your needs without compromising on performance. 

If you want to be driving your Tesla Model Y as soon as possible, we now offer Next Day Delivery on all of our Tesla Model Y stock, subject to status. So, you could be dashing around in your Tesla very soon!

Tesla Model Y Key features

Five benefits to driving a Tesla

  1. Exclusive access to Tesla’s Supercharger Network– there are more than 500 Supercharger ports in the UK
  2. Access to over-the-air updates that will improve the car with time
  3. Industry-leading mile range
  4. Zero emissions
  5. Comfort, practicality, and quality make for a complete driving experience

If you would like to more information on our full range of personal Tesla lease deals and our Tesla business contract hire offers, please get in contact with a member of our team.