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Is a Tesla Model 3 lease deal right for you?

Tesla are an automotive manufacturer that has very quickly taken the electric car world by storm. It’s a brand anyone with an interest in the motoring world or electrification couldn’t fail to take notice of.

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Tesla in the EV market

They are well known for quashing the mounting resistance to electric cars fuelled by range fear (the Tesla Model 3 Performance can cover up to 329 miles on one charge) while offering rapid acceleration speeds that compete with some supercars.

Other reasons for their resounding popularity include their recognition of the rapidly changing driving world and their commitment to keeping their cars up-to-date with technology as it develops. How? By offering frequent software updates via Wi-Fi using the central touchscreen display.

In so doing, they’ve overcome the risk of lumbering motorists with models that are quickly outdated by the continual but necessary wave of oncoming technological improvements. They’ve started with a winning formula and continue to improve on it.

All this is in addition to the many well-documented benefits of electric cars to overall driving performance and pleasure (smoothness, quietness and instant torque). And, of course, a Tesla lease offers this attractive automotive bundle with the headline of zero emissions.

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Zero emissions benefit businesses

Certainly not a point to overlook, choosing an electric car for your business is a testament to your commitment to the increasingly visible and valuable cause of reducing global warming. Corporations will continue to be scrutinised for their efforts in this area. Therefore, vehicle electrification is increasingly considered a part of every business’ Corporate Social Responsibly.

Understandably, such decisions cannot be taken in isolation from the strain on purse strings. Fortunately, although the OTR price for electric cars is likely to be more than their combustion counterparts, thereafter the reduced ongoing fuelling and maintenance costs make it an attractive investment for both company and staff.

This is even without considering available government grants, congestion and low emission zone relief, vehicle excise duty exemptions and lower National Insurance contributions. For staff, they bring 0% Benefit in Kind (BiK) and no fuel benefit charges.

Not only, therefore, is an electric car like the Tesla Model 3 great for your conscience and driving experience. But also for your bottom line.

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Tesla Model 3 Performance

The Drive

As previously mentioned, you’ll experience immediate and exhilarating power when you put your foot down in the Tesla Model 3. Steering is satisfyingly heavy with suspension that suits its secure yet sporty reputation. Handling and grounding are akin to even the most enjoyable of supercars.

Road noise is perfectly muted. Amplifying the cockpit experience and your enjoyment of conversation, music, audiobook or podcast. Once you’ve experienced it, you won’t want to settle for anything less.

Watch our Tesla Model 3 acceleration reaction video below! 


All information is communicated through the 15-inch central touch screen. This includes everything from speed, charge level and driving modes to wing mirror adjustment. It’s clear, responsive and easily manoeuvrable.

All models get 360-degree visibility with the option for real-time obstacle detection permanently displayed on the screen. One of these cameras also automatically functions as a hidden dashcam.

There’s no conventional car key. Instead, you’ll get a device that emulates a credit card. This will be responsible for opening and starting the car when placed in specific spots. Through the Tesla app, you can also use your phone as a key as well as checking charge levels and setting climate control remotely.

Tesla key card at door

Space and Practicality

Visibility is good, with the cockpit space accentuated by the standard front-to-back glass roof. Space for rear passengers is comparable to any competing compact saloon. Boot space is also ample, especially when considered alongside the additional storage under the bonnet; together totalling 425 litres. 

Cabin of Tesla Model 3


Tesla’s network of over 20,000 worldwide Superchargers will give you 172 miles in just 15 minutes. The more usual 7 – 22kW chargers found at most public charging stations will take between 5–11 hours to charge your Tesla Model 3 Performance from empty to full.

Tesla at charging station

Lease a Tesla Model 3 Performance

If you are interested in a Tesla business lease, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is now in stock for exclusive monthly rates on Business Contract Hire and Personal Contract Hire. Pricing includes extensive discount exclusive to Carparison Leasing. For a limited time only and while stocks last.

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