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Abarth 500C Business Lease Deals

Wanting to lease an Abarth 500C? Get the roof down and enjoy driving like you’ve never experienced before. Fitted with technology and advanced safety features, everything you need is just a tap away and you can enjoy the thrill without sacrificing safety.

Being 100% electric, businesses can enjoy savings on maintenance and running costs. An 85kw fast charger allows you to get 80% of range in just 35 minutes but you can plug your Abarth into a home charger and wake up to a full battery every morning.

Browse our latest business contract hire offers on the Abarth 500C and find an agreement that best suits you. If you’ve got any questions regarding our business contract offers on the Abarth 500C, get in contact with one of our leasing experts.

We also offer the Abarth 500C on personal contract hire if you'd like to be driving around everyday in an electric convertible. 


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