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BMW M3 Touring Lease Deals

Interested in leasing a BMW M3 Touring?

Listen - if you've been longing for a performance car, but the demands of family life have forced you into something more practical, BMW have the solution. The BMW M3 Touring will not only provide the thrills you've been missing, but your weekend trip to Ikea will be a breeze.

No more arguments about fitting the packages-that-are-always-bigger-than-you-expect into the boot - the estate's boot will swallow them easily. And the high thrills drive will make even the longest family journeys feel like an exciting event. No more 'are we nearly there yet' and much more 'is it over already? We want to stay in the car longer!'.

Got any questions about a BMW M3 Touring personal lease? Contact one of our leasing experts.

And if you're looking for a massively fun but massively practical car for work, we also offer the BMW M3 Touring on business contract hire.


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