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Do you know your XPeng from your BYD?

With the 2030 date for electrification looming, the UK automotive industry is becoming a real electric hotspot, with plenty of newcomers set to launch in Britain over the next few years.

There are multiple manufacturers that have their sights set on the UK automotive market.

Ranging from cars named after cats, to doggie windows and even plans for flying cars, these manufacturers are revolutionising the automotive industry.

If you’d like to get your hands on a car from one of these manufacturers in the future, a car lease may be the best way to do this. Leasing a car gives you the flexibility to try out new models and new technology with an affordable monthly payment.

Here are six manufacturers set to make a splash in the UK!

ORA Funky Cat

Ora - UK launch Autumn 2022

The Chinese automotive sub-brand Ora is a marque of electric cars and is owned by the Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motors.

Committed to manufacturing 100% pure electric cars and the first exclusive platform for making EVs in China, Ora has had great success with sales rising rapidly ever since they launched in 2018.

Showcasing a lineup of models with feline-themed names, the international brand is set to reach the UK very soon, with the first model being the Ora Funky Cat - now the ORA 03 following a name change in January 2024.

The quirky car will have a claimed range of up to 193 miles and fast charging capabilities. If you need more mileage, wait a little longer and they’ll be releasing the same car soon after with a maximum range of 263 miles.

Lynk & Co 01

Lynk & Co- UK launch pending

Designed and engineered in Sweden, Lynk & Co is a Chinese owned company who offer plug-in hybrids as a standard.

Wanting to keep things simple, the only model that’ll be available in the UK market is the Lynk & Co 01, a compact plug-in hybrid SUV. A claimed range of up to 40 miles will be possible on full electric power and the car will come with an array of digital and connectivity features.

In Europe, you can currently buy the SUV outright, but Lynk & Co is a little different to a lot of other automotive companies in that they’re not interested in car sales.

They offer a subscription for their cars on a monthly contract and around 95 per cent of the brand’s members pay a monthly fee of €550 for their car. This includes insurance, tax and breakdown cover.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

2 Fisker Ocean's back to back

Fisker- UK launch in 2023

Fisker is an American EV company wanting to offer fresh, new and affordable alternatives in the EV sector. Fisker have come up with the Ocean SUV, a Tesla Model Y rival, which will be available for a fixed price of £35,000 and is capable of up to 275 miles on one full charge. If you’d like a higher range, alternative specifications will be made available for a higher fee.

So if you’re interested in a Tesla lease, the Fisker Ocean might be the next best thing.

The interior has a minimalistic design and uses sustainable materials fully throughout the cabin. The Fisker Ocean has doggie windows- the quarter windows on both sides of the rear and the rear window will also be capable of rolling down if you need more air or have extra-long cargo.

Customers can pre-order from Fisker now, with UK deliveries expected in the middle of 2023.


NIO- UK launch in 2023

NIO is a Chinese car brand that specialises in designing and developing smart, high-performance, electric vehicles.

One model has been confirmed for a UK launch. A premium electric mid-size saloon car with an impressive range of more than 600 miles- making it a serious rival to the Tesla Model S.

The luxury car is described as a second living room- offering space and cosy features to keep you relaxed while the sleek design achieves optimum aerodynamic performance to make every drive a smooth one.

The company has also been exploring a battery-swap network and plans to have dedicated battery stations where EV owners can drive up and switch their batteries for a fully charged one.

With a European roll-out confirmed for 2023, a UK launch has been confirmed for the end of 2023.

BYD- UK launch Autumn 2022

You may not have heard of BYD, but it’s become well known everywhere else in the world, with successful launches across Europe and having delivered more EVs than any other company globally in the first half of 2022.

The Chinese-owned car manufacturer is committed to supporting a sustainable future through electrification. With this in mind, BYD have made the Atto 3, the smallest of their cars. The Atto 3 will be the only car in the UK market for now, with their future lineup likely to be revealed next year.

The range is good with BYD claiming the compact car is capable of up to 261 miles. If you’re not one for technology, the Atto 3 doesn’t rely on screens and has several physical buttons.

The SUV shape, standard panoramic roof and competitive boot capacity of 440 litres makes the compact car feel a lot bigger. Its neat finish and use of soft-touch materials make the Atto 3 incredibly welcoming.

Set to launch in the UK this Autumn, the first deliveries should be completed before the end of the year.

XPeng P5 Saloon

XPeng- UK launch pending

Founded in 2014, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer has followed a concept of creating smart, efficient and sustainable vehicles.

Having already launched in Europe, their lineup includes the electric P5 saloon, crammed with autonomous driving tech and providing an up-and-coming rival to the Tesla Model 3.

The intelligent car has a sophisticated, minimalistic design and is able to follow cars in front as well as automatically adapt to changing speed limits. It has plenty of technology, including 12 high-resolution cameras to give a 360-degree view of its surroundings.

XPeng also have plans to launch a flying car in China- pretty futuristic right? Although, it is unlikely that a flying car will be released in the UK anytime soon.

It’s rumoured that the Chinese brand will come to the UK in the next three years with its pop-up showrooms and sophisticated models.

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