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Lexus LS Personal Lease Deals

Wanting to lease the new Lexus LS? The original Lexus LS caused a stir when it was launched in 1989. The reimaged 2021 version is designed to, in Lexus' own words, 'go far beyond what the world expects from a luxury vehicle.

And it delivers. The Lexus LS' distinctive looks are matched only by its excellent performance and agile handling.

Lexus has also opted to focus on improving the technical ability of the saloon rather than any major cosmetic details, meaning that while the Lexus LS looks nearly identical to the old model, it is now more comfortable to drive and comes with an all-new infotainment system and a plethora of driver assistance technology.

Take a look at our latest personal contract hire offers on the Lexus LS and find an agreement that best suits you. If you've got any questions about a personal lease on the Lexus LS, get in touch with one of our leasing experts.


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