Skoda’s range is vast and competitive, continually offering some of the best value for money for drivers

As a manufacturer, Skoda’s journey has not always been simple. In years gone by, they have been left behind by rivals, but the Czech brand can now be viewed as one of the best value-for-money options on the market.  

With a line-up that includes competitive estates, SUVs and hatchbacks, choosing a Skoda lease deal might be a shrewd move for your next vehicle.

Skoda Octavia parked in car park

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia has firmly cemented its position as one of the go-to family hatchbacks, despite its saloon-like looks. Based on the much-loved Volkswagen Golf, the Octavia builds on that success and enhances its reputation by offering so much car for a seriously competitive price.

Space is the biggest selling point for the Octavia. While it may lack versatility in the rear, there is a huge 600L of storage space. While it's classified as a hatchback, the Octavia beats some of the best saloons on the market for space, including the BMW 3 Series Saloon (480L).

The interior of the Octavia is suitably plush. Throughout the range, the design is sleek and minimalist. 

Mercedes are among the best for technology in the hatchback sector thanks to their MBUX system, but with the Skoda, you can enjoy a 10-inch touchscreen, voice control and wireless Apple connectivity as standard for a fraction of the cost.

Entry-level models start from £21,200, while range-topping trims narrowly surpass the £30,000 mark. 

The Octavia’s low Benefit in Kind tax rates also make it a popular choice for drivers searching for a business car lease, such is its versatility.

Not only are the entry-level options cheaper, but if you want to get behind the best Golf or A-Class, you face the prospect of OTR prices in the region of £39,000. Leasing a Skoda Octavia is an effective method of getting behind the wheel of this fantastic hatchback for even less. 

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Skoda Kamiq parked in forest

Skoda Kamiq

The biggest strength of the Kamiq is the way Skoda have kept it simple. Though let's be clear, simple doesn’t have to be boring. This is the smallest SUV in the Skoda line-up and it competes alongside the likes of the Renault Captur and the Nissan Juke

The space inside is welcoming and even taller passengers won’t struggle for leg or headroom. 

The same goes for the interior, which is typically refined, as we have come to expect from Skoda. Everything is well laid out and easy to use, with an infotainment system that may not be class-leading but is not far off.

The Kamiq’s boot space is competitive at 400L, which all but matches the 404L available in the Captur but falls just short of the Juke (422L).

Compared to some of its rivals, the Kamiq’s design is less funky and bold but more mature. We’re pitching it as the no thrills approach, it simply does what it says on the tin.  

Pricing for the Kamiq can range from £18,700-£24,200. Entry-level models come in at near enough the same price as the Renault Captur and the Nissan Juke, while range-topping models can cost a lot more than the top of the range Kamiq. 

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Skoda Karoq parked in layby

Skoda Karoq

The Karoq is Skoda’s answer to the mid-size SUV and it rivals the likes of the Peugeot 3008Nissan Qashqai and its cousin, the SEAT Ateca, which is built on the same MQB A1 platform.

If you’re searching for a well-rounded family car, the Karoq ticks all the boxes. It's spacious and comfortable. There’s 521L of storage space in the Karoq, which matches the 3008 (520L) and beats the Nissan Qashqai that we reviewed recently.

Range-topping models sit as some of the more expensive Skoda cars available, but you’re not left short of technology even in entry-level trims.

Critics might say the Karoq lacks personality with its understated design. However, like many of the Skoda models we have put in the spotlight, we prefer to say it is more refined and sensible. 

Most Karoq models come in as a cheaper alternative to some of its rivals, with range-topping trims available for less than the Peugeot 3008.

Leasing a Skoda Karoq will allow you to experience this brilliant and spacious SUV at a competitive monthly cost.

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Skoda Kodiaq parked next to storage units

Skoda Kodiaq

In the Kodiaq, Skoda have created their first-ever seven-seater SUV and it promises incredible comfort for a fraction of the cost.

Billed as the more affordable alternative to the Volkswagen Tiguan, the Kodiaq doesn’t look ‘cheap’. On the outside, the design is as we’ve come to expect from Skoda, a little reserved and refined but ultimately quite simple.

Inside, some high-quality finishes throughout the interior elevate the Kodiaq above some of its rivals and the space on offer throughout is generous.

There's 835L of storage space without the third row or 270L with all seven seats. The Kodiaq trumps the more expensive Sorento comfortably (616L in the Diesel variant) but does fall short of the space available in the 5008 (952L) and the Tiguan (977L).

Pricing for a new Kodiaq can range from £26,635 and go up to as much as £40,525 for the Sportline version. A top-spec 5008 will cost less, but the Kodiaq is considerably cheaper than the Tiguan and the Kia Sorento

The price point of this family SUV is much closer to its rivals, but unlike some, you get a wonderful amount of kit as standard. Entry-level models get smartphone connectivity, keyless start/stop, dual-zone climate control, LED daytime running lights, as well as a host of safety and driver assistance features.

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Skoda Superb parked on forest road

Skoda Superb

Following its launch way back in 2001, the Skoda Superb has been one of the most recognisable designs within the Skoda line-up.

Since then, the Superb has been rejuvenated and deserves to be considered as one of the best estate cars on the market, rivalling the likes of the Mazda 6 Tourer and the Volkswagen Passat.

There’s the gargantuan 625L of storage space available in the Superb, which is just over 100L more than what is available in the Mazda6 Tourer (522L).

As standard, the technology available in the Superb is well equipped. Throughout there is a premium feeling wherever you look, which goes against the budget brand reputation that Skoda have developed over the years.

In entry-level models, you get access to the Emergency Call services, an 8-inch touchscreen, wireless Apple connectivity and keyless start/stop among other safety and driver assistance features. Not to mention the 10.25-inch digital display that provides you with one of the best driver's display around for a seriously affordable price.

Pricing for the Superb can start from around £26,925 and quickly rise to roughly £38,280 if you want the sporty top-spec trim. If you want to get the best value for money, leasing a Skoda Superb is a fantastic method of getting behind the wheels of one of the most well-rounded estate cars on the road today.

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There is a common theme that runs throughout the Skoda range. They’re pragmatic, they have their priorities in order and as a brand, they know exactly what they want to be.

Unlike other rival manufacturers, there is no huge clamber to be overly sporty or quirky in their designs. The Skoda range offers quality and practical cars at an affordable rate.

They may have fallen under the radar in recent years, but for anyone searching for the best car lease deals, they deserve a slot near the top of their shortlist.

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