What features make Tesla different from any other car manufacturer in the market?

From caraoke, to dog mode, to the hidden Easter eggs and much more, Tesla cars have been engineered with a range of cool features and secret settings that you may not even know about!

What’s so special about Tesla cars?

If you’re dead set on electric car leasing, any of the Tesla models are worth the hype. Known for their unique quality, Tesla make use of innovative designs, high quality materials and impressive technology.

With dozens of thrilling quirks to choose from, we’re highlighting some of our favourite Tesla features below to help you get the most out of your Tesla.

Designed to make your Tesla experience even more engaging and exciting, these cool features are what make any Tesla lease stand out from the crowd.

Tesla Model Y


First on our list is the infamous Tesla autopilot.

All new Tesla cars have the capability for full self-driving. Intended to enhance safety and make driving easier, the autopilot feature can steer, accelerate and brake, all on its own. There’s also a Smart Summon feature that’s a part of the Tesla autopilot and lets you park or retrieve your car using a command button.

How does it do this? Each Tesla model has a 360-view of its surroundings thanks to its range of cameras and sensors.

While Tesla hopes for this feature to become more capable over time, autopilot is meant for use with a fully attentive driver and does not make the car autonomous.

Ludicrous Plus mode

Feel the need for speed? Then Ludicrous Plus mode is for you (only available on Performance AWD). 

Take your Tesla Model Y lease car to the racetrack and unlock the ability to go from 0-60 mph in a rapid 2.4 seconds.

All you have to do is hold down the Ludicrous+ option in settings for five seconds, and peak torque will increase by approximately 60% while your battery will immediately heat up to its ideal operating temperature.

Dog mode

We know that leaving pets in hot weather in a parked car could lead to tragic consequences, yet people still take the risk, and this has raised concerns about pet safety in cars.

So, Tesla came up with the Dog Mode feature.

Dog mode maintains a comfortable climate for your furry friends while the vehicle is parked. There’s also an interior camera that allows you to check on your pets at any time.  

As many people won’t know about the smart feature, once Dog Mode has been activated, a message shows on the car’s large centre screen display to let people know that your four-legged friend is safe.

Tesla Model 3 interior

Automatic cabin overheat protection

Similar to Dog Mode, Cabin Overheat Protection is a safety feature that cools the Tesla cabin when it starts to get too hot.

The clever feature will prevent damage to interiors, help extend range in extreme conditions and will prevent discomfort when you get back in your car.

The feature will kick in automatically once your Tesla reaches a certain temperature, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Sentry mode

When enabled, Sentry Mode keeps your Tesla’s cameras and sensors switched on and ready to record any suspicious activity around your car.

When a threat is detected, the headlights start pulsing, an alarm goes off and a message displays on the big touchscreen to warn any individuals that your car’s cameras are recording them.

You’ll receive a notification on your phone through the app and any footage of the event will be saved.

How intelligent is that?

Netflix, TV streaming and games

Tesla has an infotainment system like no other and is constantly updating its apps. Whether you want to catch up on that new Netflix show or a recent YouTube video, the Tesla can give you that immersive experience.  

Giving you something to watch or play in your car, the majority of the entertainment features are only available when the Tesla is parked. It gives you a great way to pass the time when waiting for your Tesla to charge or when you’re stuck in stand-still traffic.


If you like singing and jamming out with friends when you’re on a road trip, you’ll love the Caraoke feature.

Tesla’s version of karaoke, the musical feature allows you to sing your heart out by playing popular karaoke songs in your car. Caraoke can be used while driving but the Caraoke lyrics are intended only for use by your passengers and will ensure that any driver information isn’t obstructed.

How about a Caraoke party in your garage to celebrate your next electric car lease?

Tesla key card

Three types of keys

Your Tesla can support three different types of keys: a phone key, key card or key fob.

The phone key has been designed to access your Tesla in a convenient way. Your phone’s Bluetooth signal will be detected as you approach the car, and the doors unlock when you pull a door handle. Likewise, when you walk away with your phone, the doors automatically unlock.

The key card fits perfectly in your wallet and to lock or unlock your Tesla, it needs to be swiped against the card reader located just below the Autopilot camera on the driver’s side door pillar.

You also have the option to purchase a key fob accessory, which looks like a miniature Tesla. The key has three buttons; one to unlatch the front trunk, another to unlatch the rear trunk and the other to lock or unlock the car.

Tesla Model X’s auto open falcon doors

The Tesla Model X has the infamous falcon wing opening doors which can also automatically open when you approach the car with your key, if the setting is enabled.

Dubbed as one of the best Tesla Model X features, it’s not just the rear doors that have this smart trick, the front doors can open as you approach too.

Unfortunately, the Model X is now only available in LWD. 

Tesla Model X falcon doors

Easter Eggs

What is a Tesla Easter Egg you ask?

And no, it isn't Elon Musk sending you a chocolate egg every year.

They’re a hidden bonus within the Tesla’s software and are often a fun nod to events and popular culture and are not actually anything useful or practical.

Not all models have them, and they can often change with a software update.

Some of the fun Easter Eggs include Santa Mode which is activated with a “Ho Ho Ho” voice command and changes the image of your parked car on the touchscreen to Santa on his sleigh.

Romance mode puts a video of roaring fire on the infotainment display, raises the cabin temperature and plays romantic music. Another was Back to the Future themed and could only be activated when your Tesla had exactly 121 miles of range. Several references were made to tie it back to the timeless classic.

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