Find your perfect Volvo lease deal – their SUV line-up has something for everyone

You might think that Volvo are more commonly known for their saloon cars, but their SUV line-up is seriously impressive, with a huge amount of variety on offer.

Big-name manufacturers like AudiMercedes-Benz and BMW have long been competing at the top in the SUV market, but Volvo are a brand making big waves in the class. While Volvo have built up a reputation for being steady and reliable cars, the Swedish manufacturer have also made great strides in recent years to become a luxury brand that focuses on safety and sustainability. 

For anyone considering Volvo leasing, we’re confident there is something for everyone, with the Volvo XC40, the Volvo XC60 and the Volvo XC90 to choose from. 

These three premium SUVs all have their perks, and each model is up against very different competition within the market. Let’s take a closer look at the Volvo SUV line-up and see which could be the best one for you.

Volvo XC40 parked

Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is a compact SUV that has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years and with good reason too.

Rivalling the likes of the Range Rover EvoqueBMW X1Audi Q3 and even the new Tesla Model Y, the Volvo XC40 is often heralded as one of the best premium family cars on the market. 

As compact SUVs go, the Volvo XC40 ticks all the boxes. It gives you the style and striking design, but also enough performance to put it up there with the best in the class.

Take out a Volvo XC40 lease and you get a wealth of options to choose from. It is available with both petrol and diesel engines, as a Plug-In Hybrid (one of our personal favourites) or you can even take advantage of the new P8 Recharge XC40, the manufacturer’s first fully-electric SUV. 

Within the XC40 range, you can choose from Momentum, Inscription and R-Design variants with just prices ranging from £25,000 up to £53,000 for the P8 Recharge model. 

Despite being Volvo’s entry-level SUV, space is still very generous throughout the XC40, with a 452L capacity on offer in the boot and rear seats that split in a 60:40 configuration.

While there are of course more accommodating SUVs on offer, if space is not the absolute top priority, the Volvo XC40 will make for a very strong contender on your next car shortlist.

The XC40 SUV is an appealing option for those either making the step up to the SUV class for the first time or those who want the practicality and higher driving position of a slightly bigger car without requiring the space and specifications on offer in the larger XC60 or the XC90.

Discover all you need to know about the Volvo XC40 and its various engine options, trim levels and specifications in our full XC40 review.

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Volvo XC60 parked

Volvo XC60

Sitting in the middle of Volvo’s SUV line-up is the Volvo XC60.

It shares lots of similarities to the bigger Volvo XC90 (we’ll come on to that one later), but crucially, if you take out a Volvo XC60 lease, its five seats, rather than the seven that come with the XC90.

Competing with the likes of the BMW X3Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Audi Q5, there is plenty of big-name competition when it comes to this family SUV.

If you’re looking to upgrade from the Volvo XC40, we’re calling the XC60, the ‘grown-up decision’. Compared to its smaller brother, it is more refined inside. Let's start with the obvious…

Size. There’s more of it. The XC60 offers more space and an impressive road presence. 

By no means does the Volvo XC40 feel cheap in comparison, but there is a clear step up in performance and luxury when you step inside the XC60, be that through the spacious cabin or some nice finishes that elevate the interior.

In the boot, you get 490L of boot space, just over 30L more than the XC40, though it does fall short of some of its rivals, with the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 boot space both coming in at 550L. Check out our full video review below. 

The Volvo XC60 does a brilliant job of finding a middle ground that lifts it above the XC40 but also offers something different to the top-of-the-range Volvo XC90. The Volvo XC60 is more than just the piggy in the middle, it deserves recognition within a competitive SUV line-up.

To put it simply, it does everything well. It is comfortable, practical and through the nine-inch vertical touchscreen, it meets the modern-day tech requirements, albeit without being class-leading. 

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Volvo XC90 parked

Volvo XC90

Proudly sitting at the top of the charts is the Swedish manufacturer’s flagship SUV, is the Volvo XC90, a spacious and luxurious seven-seater SUV with a real road presence. The seven-seater SUV market is another competitive sector, with the Volvo XC90 pitting its wits against the Audi Q7 and the Land Rover Discovery

If you know that you will require regular use out of all seven seats, the Volvo XC90 becomes a very compelling option for your next car lease. If the 7 seats are only needed occasionally you could also take a look at the Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Throughout the car, the leg and headroom on offer is generous. However, taller adults will struggle in the third row, although we do think shorter journeys could be manageable and the ability to adjust seats individually in the second row allow for extra room if you are regularly carrying seven on board.

Despite the seven seats, there aren’t huge compromises to the boot. With all seats upright, you can still get 356L of space. Fold the third row and that rise significantly to a healthy 1007L.

If you still find yourself searching for more room in the Volvo XC90, keep your eyes peeled for a brand-new flagship SUV, the XC100, which is rumoured to hit the roads in the coming years.

However, for now, if you’re considering a Volvo XC90 lease deal, you will get a spacious and luxurious seven-seater family car in return.

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Volvo SUV grille

Our thoughts on the Volvo SUV range

You could argue that Volvo have somewhat taken advantage of the old fashioned and dare we say it, slightly boring reputation that they were once known for and performed a complete 180. Now providing modern SUVs that are both stylish AND affordable, making them increasingly dangerous to rival manufacturers.

A lot of Volvo’s key features are very impressive and consistent without necessarily being class-leading. It feels like a disservice to Volvo to label them as ‘the best of the rest’, but there is an element of the Swedish manufacturer living up to its expectation and reputation of consistently delivering good, reliable cars.

Between the three SUVs, they share similar design features and visually look quite similar, but all have those few attentive details that bring out the character and charm in each model.

Are they the pure driving experience that you might get from rival manufacturers like Audi or BMW? Not quite. What these Volvo SUVs are, however, are consistent, practical and reliable options for drivers looking to upgrade to a bigger vehicle or rise through the SUV market into something more sizeable. They are also easily as good looking as their rivals. 

With Volvo announcing plans to not only extend its SUV line-up but also go completely electric by 2030, now may be the perfect time to get your foot in the door and enjoy the brilliant and versatile cars that they have to offer.

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