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The Tesla Model Y is bigger than the Model 3, but is it better? 

Tesla has started taking UK orders on the Model Y, with deliveries expected to happen in early 2022.

The Model Y has been poised to hit these shores for some time and it won’t be long until we see them on the roads. 

At first glance, the Model Y will look very familiar. It has taken traits from both the Model 3 and the Model X but largely looks like the former as an SUV.

Available as a Long Range or Performance variant, both editions use the same dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain and 82kWh battery.

Tesla Model Y driving

Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc

It’s built on the same platform as the Model 3 but is around 50mm longer and roughly 180mm taller. It’s this that give Tesla high hopes for the Model Y. Elon Musk once revealed that he hoped Tesla would sell more Model Ys than any of their other three models combined.

The Performance variant comes with 21inch wheels, while the Long Range edition has a choice of 19 or 20inch options. 

Tesla Model 3 lease deal has been a popular choice for customers, but with the Y, you can enjoy many of the same features and performance with greater space and practicality. 

If you’re considering a Tesla lease, you may have also considered rivals likes the Ford Mustang Mach-e, Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Audi Q4 e-tron, in what is a highly competitive electric SUV market. 

The Model Y comes with a claimed range of 315 miles – 45 miles fewer than the Model 3 - and the same rapid charging times that have made the brand such a powerhouse in the EV market.

Through the Tesla Supercharger Network, the Model Y will charge up to 150 miles in 15 minutes, making it one of the most practical fully electric vehicles on the road.

Tesla Model Y driving

Image Courtesy of Tesla, Inc

Choose the Performance variant and the acceleration figures are just as appealing, with 0-60mph times of just 3.5 seconds. Thanks to its superior traction control it is also more than capable in off-road environments.  

These editions of the Model Y will initially be launched with five seats, but there is potential to house up to seven and a future upgrade has neither been confirmed nor denied at this stage.

This additional space offers improved practicality and space for all the family, without having to stretch all the way up to a Tesla Model X.

The Model Y’s gigantic sunroof creates a spacious and welcoming cabin, without comprising on headroom – of which there is plenty!

There’s just short of 850L of boot space in the Model Y, which, in total, has the potential to store up to 2,158 litres. 

As with the rest of the Tesla line-up, you have access to some of the best technology on the road, including the seamless 15inch touchscreen that controls most of the vehicle.

Prices for the Model Y start from £54,990, but a Tesla Model Y lease deal will create a cost-effective fixed monthly payment that will lower your overall cost. If you want to be driving your Tesla Model Y as soon as possible, we now offer Next Day Delivery on all of our Tesla Model Y stock, subject to status. So, you could be dashing around in your Tesla very soon!

If you’re not looking for a personal lease, there are still many reasons to consider a Tesla business lease, including lower running costs, zero emissions and range-topping comfort levels.

New Tesla Model Y Lease Deals

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